Stuffed Roast Chicken with Chorizo – Gordon Ramsay


  1. Quite pervert when u think about it??

  2. "A nice garlicy sausage" adds chopped garlic ?


  4. Why is the roast chicken looked pale? is the temp not high enough?

  5. I wouldn’t eat that stuffing


  7. what if he were to get fast food and disguise it as his own cooking?

  8. " A touch of oil "

    – puts in five liters –

  9. You guys are fucking idiots. He’s saying get the oil out of the chorizo so that it can cook in it. He puts olive oil in to start the cooking process. Do you think when he says “get those oils out” he’s saying remove them from the pan?

  10. hello gordon ramsay I am your best admirer I prepare your meals you are my cooking idol I would like to meet you sometime or at least you speak to me always I like to cook watching you on TV is my future and you helped me and that's why I tell you thank you I like you very much I always write down your recipes in my gordon ramsay cookbook please answer me

  11. father always buy this white beans its great beans

  12. Disgusting ass food you should be a shame of yourself. Gordon Ramsay be like ??

  13. Bruh, chorizo is MEXICAN sausage. Don't be afraid to say it ramsey you pussy. "MEXICAN"

  14. this nigga already looks like someone in his late 60s

  15. For anyone in the U.S. wanting to make this, the chorizo used in this recipe is Spanish chorizo, very different from the common Mexican chorizo where i'm from.

    Spanish chorizo is already cooked unlike crumbly Mexican chorizo.

  16. I wish I could afford to hire chef Ramsay 2 cook for my SON'S wedding…??.

  17. foodorgraphy

  18. Who eats the food after he makes it for youtube

  19. love that Grinding of the peppermill every time, you know that somethin's cookin'!!

  20. I think that the jus was a little too runny. Sort of almost liquid, it should be thicker in my opinion.

  21. wow this guy is really good! he should have his own show on TV!

  22. Sooner or later, America is coming for Grdon Ramsay because of all the oil that he uses in all of his videos combined

  23. Fuck me…why can’t he be in my family?

  24. Fuck man my spanish teacher is making my class make spanish food video where you cook the food and talk spanish

  25. Gordon: puts the lemon in
    Me: oh my…

  26. I bet he's tried the lemon thing with mrs Ramsay

  27. 0:17 "Exciting"

    the sausage spontaneously attempts to stand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. I just made this at home. Well.. it’s in the oven now. Gordon, if you’re out there, just want to say how much you’ve inspired me. I’m not a cook or anything, but the love you show for your craft has inspired me in so many other areas of my life. Thank you!

  29. I just gave my student this recipe to do as homework. I hope her Mom appreciates it.

  30. I'd like that roasting juice to be thick and creamy. Is there any way to do that without adding flour?

  31. Why did he call this dish – charming?

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