Style Diary: San Francisco | OOTW

I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching!


  • 1
    Flannel- Urban Outfitters
    Jeans- Asos
    Booties- Urban Outfitters
  • 2
    Jacket- Topshop
    Top- TopShop
    Leggings- Beyond Yoga
    Shoes- Nike
  • 3
    Dress- Revolve Clothing
    Jacket- Topshop
    Shoes- Urban Outfitters
  • 4
    Shirt- TopShop
    Shorts- Asos
    Shoes- TopShop


  1. that one place she went in San Fran,reminded me of a scene from the "age of adaline"???

  2. I love your style. You use affordable and simple basic clothes but with a special touch! Very chic
    I also love the sandals and shoes you wear!

  3. I'm really in love with these urban outfitters shoes but I can't find them anywhere… does anyone knows an opportunity to them which looks almost similar?

  4. Your videos are the best! They are so oringial and the quality is amazing!

  5. Alright. Spill it. I've waited long enough. How do you get your legs so toned?

  6. she reminds me of Bethany Mota

  7. I really love your videos! Especially the style ones. Can you do like a bra guide, like what bra to wear with what kind of shirts and dresses… ???

  8. anyone know the exact name/type of the denim jacket she's wearing from topshop??

  9. You should have called it styles diary because your boyfriend is harry styles lol

  10. I live in SF and I love your style diaries! Ps. Did u like ur trip in SF?

  11. Anyone has the link for the off the shoulder top?

  12. Your style is perfection xx

  13. Love your style! Could you please do a video about travel style (while still packing lightly!) xx

  14. Super combinations!!?????

  15. Where is her top from in the intro?

  16. Where is she from? Ethnicity but also what is her accent? Minnesota?

    UGH love u tess

  17. I love love love your style so much!!

  18. I love love love your style diary videos! Please do more! 🙂

  19. Anyone know where can I find those Asos denim shorts? Love them! Love the video! ♥

  20. probably the most common comment but your style is literally everything

  21. AMAZING!!!! I really love your style!!! So beautiful!!!!!!! Thanks for making the videoooo <3

  22. Please do "get the look for less" video Tess omg I die for your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Hi. Where do you get the top you're wearing in your video intro? Btw, i love, love your styles <3 AND YOU'RE SO GORGG!!

  24. What is your hair color ?! I LOVEEEE IT !! So beautiful 😀 !

  25. Tess I loved this video! Your style is great. When will you be doing more NYC Guide videos? They are my favorite of yours.

  26. Tess! What's the lipstick are you wearing in this video?

  27. Skin care routine please!! P.S your videos are fab.. Love you <3

  28. I love your style so so much??

  29. when you list where the clothes are from could you please link them? 🙂

  30. what is the size of your denim jacket?

  31. Omg I am literally obsessed with her videos <3

  32. Can you please do more vlogs!
    Also could u do a daily vlog, like what u do in a normal day.

  33. I still can't stop thinking that you seriously look like Paul Wesley's ex girlfriend. ;-;

  34. can you do another graduation hair and makeup tutorial? I'm graduating next week and my cap and gown is royal blue and I have no idea what to do. I loved the graduation makeup and hair tutorial you made with your purple cap!

  35. I love your outfits but Let's talk bra's… What kind of bra do you put under these things? Or don't you use a bra? I can't figure out what to do…

  36. These outfits all look so comfy!

  37. Absolutely in love with this simple yet unique lookbook! Thanks for giving me some new wardrobe options/ideas 🙂

  38. Can we all agree that Tess rocks ankle booties no matter what?? Love her boots!

  39. Absolutely the best style on YT ???? Gorgeous!!!

  40. Where are those shoes in the last look from ?! So cute ??

  41. You have the best style ever and you are so pretty! 🙂 jelly!

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