Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial


  1. I love this tutorial and all the others in your playlist! This colour suits you really well for the hair btw 🙂

  2. Wow I will definitely do this for Halloween this year ??? love it
    – Mal ??

  3. This is beautiful! I just filmed a sugar skull tutorial on my channel as well!

  4. so i will look like this on halloween ?❤

  5. can you do a tutorial of your hairstyle please???xx

  6. Which hair color is in your hair right now?

    Also, amazing sugar skull

  7. You just copied shaaanxo…..

  8. This looks so easy I thought this stuff was hard but I'm an artist so it looks easy to me

  9. Can you do a hair tutorial for your hair in this video it's lush!!

  10. love all your videos. you are very talented and have an inherently unique style. keep it up! you inspire me. rock on! 

  11. How do you do your hair like that? I love it!

  12. Told ya, I lo e the catrina (sugar skull) I love it, Great Job dear

  13. Wow I was a sugar skull for Halloween
    Amazing video

  14. Can you do a eyeliner tutorial?? 😀

  15. Holy crap you deserve a ton more subscribers!! Didnt even watch the video yet and i subscribed 🙂

  16. Do you ever model? You seriously have the perfect face for it and you seem to be so photogenic! This is look is beautiful by the way. You have way too much talent for one person! <3

  17. You're one of my favorite youtubers! Gosh you're just beautiful!

    I'm thinking about starting a channel myself at one point when I have the equipment lol

    what kind of camera do you use??:)

    Thanks in advance ?

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