Sugaring Ombre Lace Nails

Suzie uses a technique called Sugaring to create a stunning 3D Acrylic Lace Design on Ombre Nails.

0:27 Design starts with an Ombre Fade
0:38 White Gel Polish for the Lace’s Base
1:12 Spoon on White Acrylic Powder for the ‘Sugaring’ Effect
1:54 Use Dotting Tool to Shape Acrylic Powder like an Edge of Lace
2:33 Cure with Gel Curing Lamp
3:05 Crafting the other Nails with Sugar Lace
8:36 Final Cure
9:05 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products Used in this Video:


Sincere Gel Polish, GELAVISH – INM

White Acrylic Powder – UGLY DUCKLING


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  1. Hola k tal soy Nati, de Alcalá de Henares, me encanta todos tus trabajos , pero me encantaría saber y verle alguna vez al señor k siempre está contigo grabando el vídeo ??tiene uno voz muy bonita y interesante , me encantaría k alguna vez hablará en español , muchos besos muakkk os quiero , ??

  2. It looks so cute with that light blue in it as well

  3. Her response to the fat thing was perfect. just as sarcastic as needed… REAL BOSS

  4. That's freaking adorable and simple.

  5. Who would leave you a hate comment?? Your like amazing

  6. Don't worry about those stupid people say. Most of the are so jealous of your professionalism and artist ability that you have, that they can stand themselves much less you. Keep doing what you do, your gorgeous inside and out.

  7. Suzie, you're beautiful and I love your videos. I just let them play while I do my nails, I've learned so much ❤️??

  8. You are NOT fat and shame on that viewer for being so hateful. They need to focus on being a better person instead of focusing on your weight. Love ya??

  9. Suzie! The middle finger reminded me of sea foam on a beach, with the colours you put on the nails. Awesome!

  10. who the fuck said suzie is fat? fight me

  11. Susie you are beatiful the way you are just perfect ?

  12. Hi sussie, i'm writing from Chile and I'd like to ask if the Opi or just normal nail polish can be transform into permanente ?? and how??

  13. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤… no words to say!

  14. this channel is addicting!!!

  15. Is everyone just going to talk about that horrible person and not about how Suzie can accomplish more with a dotting tool in one minute than I will ever accomplish in life.

  16. I was FURIOUS when someone said your fat. Your not fat. All I see is an inspirational role model for nail artists,a super beautiful women who thousands of people and kids to love.Nobody cares if your fat, nobody cares about ur appearance all that matters is your kindness and also your honesty. If you got fat, we all know your the same person, weight does not matter. Suzie does not need negativity, she is awesome. ?- Your friend Deveena

  17. You're not fat, just easier to hug 😉

  18. I love your videos. I don't do acrylics myself and hardly do nail art on my natural nails. (I get inspired, start one hand then get bored and never finish the other hand) but your designs even though I couldn't do them, are so beautiful. Also your voice is so soothing. I love watching your videos before I go to bed. You're so relaxing.

  19. I love watching your channel it's calming and professional and I love that you educate. I only go to your channel. A lot of others have those "makeshift" alternatives and I cannot work with that. Thank you.

  20. You are not fat, Suzie! Don't listen to the haters:) I'm not a twig either, but I'm a Belly Dancer and I'm beautiful:) You are gorgeous!:)

  21. you have to select gel polishes according to the nail drier light?? I am newbie and I get confused between UV and LED lights.. which one is good in all perspective??

  22. I had a couple questions about this. I have recently started doing my own gel nail art and I was wondering how the acrylic works. I do not use a e-file as I really am uncomfortable around them, chalk it up to bad nail tech experiences on my part, and I am wondering how hard the gel on top of the acrylic is to remove, as I would be painting this onto a natural nail. I also have looked around a bit on your page, I saw the vertical ombre, but I didn't see a horizontal ombre. I have been trying to come up with a way to do a black to clear ombre over a green glitter gel. The black starts at the cuticle and fades into a clear, this would be using just regular gel polish, not any builder gel. Any tips or advise? I have tested and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this with a solid opaque black at the top.

  23. I wonder what u do after u do ur nails do u keep them on and do them the other hand or do u take it off????

  24. Love this Technique Suzie, it's so elegant and pretty! And so are you! Screw the haters, you're lush xx

  25. It would be cool to see a Christmas designs video using this technique! I could imagine sugar plums, gumdrops, snow men, snow flakes, snow dusted trees… ?

  26. You are very inspiring suzi. Love watching your videos.

  27. I wanna be you when I grow up!

  28. I can't believe someone would be so mean and say such a mean thing about an incredibly nice and beautiful person. I loooove watching Suzie's tutorials. Why can't people with ugly attitud es just watch the video and leave. No need to visit the comment section if you're going to be an ass.

  29. Another great video – gorgeous winter nails 🙂

  30. I love the sugaring! It would work very well for a winter design. Maybe sugar flakes, snowflakes with the sugar. I love naming designs! And as for the fat comment, people can be so rude. I find you very beautiful! I see beauty in everything. I find the smallest things so beautiful. Anything from leaves to snowflakes. When God created the World, I do not believe he made anything that isn't beautiful. Love the videos! Keep them coming!

  31. I still not understand what has the weight to do with your personality or skills. It is incredible that many take their time just to fat shaming or bullying people on the internet. The world sucks. I'm not into nails, but I love your videos, how funny you are and your designs.

  32. what do you mean that you are not done

  33. Amazing, Great…I love your Videos
    Greets from Berlin (Germany)

  34. Love it, gonna try this. I just started with 3D gel.

  35. hmm will my teacher let this happen.

  36. Hi Suzie I love your personality and your amazing ideas for nailart ❤️ You have ispired me so much I have decided to make my own youtube channel where I will make danish nail tutorials trying out different products and techniques – I will for sure try out a lot of your techniques and of cause mention you and your channel if and when I do ??? look forward to many more of your great videos. All the best Christine from Denmark ???

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