Sultry Valentine’s Day Makeup | LOVEEMANDA

Hope you guys enjoy this sultry valentine’s day makeup tutorial! ♡


Thank you for watching! I love you more than sriracha! xoxo


  1. New subby from HNL and i love your channel!!!!!!!!

  2. Glazed donut hahaha, you're funny… love watching your videos, since I subscribed here, I've been following the way you mostly do your makeup, eye first then the face, and I like it that way now, my makeup looks tidier and no trace of glitter/eyeshadow fall off ( I can't use any kind of tape to prevent that) 😀 big fans of yours <3

  3. I have no boobs to push up! But the tutorial will be helpful! I got the modern renaissance 2 days ago, I'm a beginner and I'm clueless lol

  4. Hey I'm not at all trying to hate love how we can see your skin and everything. You're beautiful nonetheless! But if this is a piece of advice, I used the airspun before and I swear it made my face break out all over, soo not tryna hate I mean it, but maybe that's what is making your skin breakout??

  5. yea……if only its a bigger discount. not worth it for us canadians lol

  6. Ugh I wanna try this makeup ! Going out this Friday! ?❤?

  7. I think I really need to try the airspun powder! Everyone uses it! Is there a certain one you use?

  8. i love the way you apply and explain eye makeup !!!

  9. Loved THIS!!! I reeeally love that u used reds ❤️❤️ VERY Valentine's Day! This is such a "romantic" look!! …it amazes me how your makeup starts looking more and more beautiful as you get to the end! lol you're gorgeous Emanda❤️ much love from snap!

  10. love how the cameras shows how your skin texture really Is and not fake and "smooth" like others! love all the realness I'm happy I subscribed???

  11. So stunning my love as always!! ?? Love you!! ❤

  12. you look absolutely beautiful before the excessive highlighter ruin it

  13. she still looked amazing as always

  14. Any small YouTubers wanna be friends and support each other?

  15. This look is stunning ?

  16. woah.. I guess I'm the only one who thought this was a Lil off today… I don't know if it's her skin or the highlight was too dark for her skin or does she norm have a filter on and didn't today??

  17. I don't like the way she dabs her beauty blender , dab dab dab , pulls away … ? it was driving me nuts ??

  18. omggg love this dress! where is it from?

  19. so beautiful like always, def my fave youtuber? love you Manda!!

  20. lovee your brows, stick to this routine, it looks bomb! <3

  21. this dress it's so beautiful, love the makeup❤

  22. Drop dead gorgeous as always!! ✨ highlight queen ?

  23. Ugh why are you so gorg ??

  24. this is gorgeous!! I can't wait to recreate 🙂

  25. Any small YouTube channels want to help support I will be posting more videos very soon! ✨ ill sub back ?

  26. so in love with this look!!!!! my 6 year old daughter told me I have to do this look on Valentine's day 🙂

  27. Illuminati is my fav artist couture shade it's so good!! Love this look as I do every look of yours <3

  28. This look was so pretty!! Im doing this for Valentines day. I love your videos doll, you are so talented!!

  29. your beautiful ❤❤, I love your videos

  30. Those Upbra's look so nice, I think I might treat myself hehe.
    Looking gorgeous btw girly xx

  31. your makeup looks never dissapoint ??

  32. Love it! That bra looks legit!

  33. I was lowkey wondering when you will upload another video! But I love your makeup tutorials honestly ? i love you !!!????

  34. You always look bomb!!! Love you

  35. Just subscribed yesterday and I'm in love with your makeup looks❤️

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