Summer ★ FAUX Waterfall Braid HAIRSTYLE | Easy Hairstyles

In this easy hairstyle tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make a romantic, side-swept faux waterfall braid with curls on yourself, for long or medium length hair. Cute date hair for the Valentine’s Day!

What other cute hairstyles should we do, let me know down below. Want more hack hacks, updos, braids, messy buns, half-up, half-down updos?

In today’s, step by step, hair tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how to French braid your hair before turning it into a cute, waterfall braid look with soft curls. This elegant half up, half down updo can be worn as an everyday hairstyle; for school or work, or even as a fancy party updo for your wedding, prom or the homecoming.

Side Swept Braids and hairstyles can be tough on layered hair, thus we’ll be using the hack method of tieing the short layers to the side for this cute braid.


  1. Please put links to the products you use

  2. انا مره احبك

  3. amazing one . cant wait to try it out 🙂

  4. Hi! What is the brand of your hairspray. There's lots of hairspray in store and I don't know which is best. Thanks

  5. hey Tina! I like your videos but a request, could you please prepare a video for those who don't have as much voluminous hair as yours? because since you've got lot of hair ma Sha Allah, every hair style suits you whereas there are many girls who've got thin hair or less hair.

  6. I just recently started to watch your videos, but your hairstyles are incredible I wish my hair was long so I could do them

  7. please do a video on hairstyles for oily hair

  8. you have beautiful hairs and you make them more beautiful with such styles.
    though you'd look adorable in even a messy bun. ????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. good hairstyle I'm like so much

  10. you are such a pleasure to watch love your vids 🙂 i never knew i could wear my hair in that many ways 😀

  11. what is ur curling iron? You are very pretty and talented. Great job!

  12. really hard for me to see what it looks like its just a quick flash but you don't actually show the hairstyle completed.

  13. Really beautiful!!!!!! You can tell me the name of the monitor that you used to see the back of your head? thank you so much.

  14. You're so creative! Love it. I just wish I had that much and thick hair.

  15. You look like Jennifer Lopez!!

  16. can u plzz do some elegant hair styles

  17. This waz really amazingg! ! Thanx soo much for this video. N ur sooo pretty…. ^_^ Also if u dont mind…can I know the name of the song dats playing in the background and by whom it is? Thank u ♡

  18. Omg this is so beautiful. I love your Channel so much and You are so pretty. I have a french channel about hairstyle too. If You have the Time do not hesitate to come 🙂 Sorry for my english

  19. oh wow…rly beautiful..tina u alwazz luk super cute ❤❤

  20. what haircut would be good to try all the hairstyles? in step cut, when I try to braid my hair, they come out in between because of steps. so I want one haircut which gives freedom to try hairstyles. If anyone knows suggest please.

  21. This is so awesome!!!!! I watched mostly every hairstyles in here?????? I always do my hair for school and everyone loves them!!!!!? it's so easy to follow too??❤️

  22. Offtopic.Can you use the word: Hairdo, Also by men or is it more for women?

  23. I love your videos, I really need to get the products that you use!

  24. Feels like you're smiling while you are doing the voice over 🙂

  25. Very pretty and romantic – as usual.

  26. Amazing!These are really different and new ideas…?

  27. You're love. Thanks for the beautiful hairstyles ? love from Pakistan.

  28. Can you make a everyday make up viedeo ?:)))

  29. +MakeupWearables can you do tutorials without hair extensions??

  30. Hi I love your shirt can you tell me where you bought from pleas

  31. hay …
    can you do the kylie jenner braid

  32. Will this hairstyle work with bangs??

  33. you nvr rply me,.,i alws give a thumsup ,,?

  34. I love this video!❤️ and also the song. What's the song's name?

  35. What app r u using to see the back of ur hair

  36. Your so amazing it was beautiful! Is there a way you can do a half up half down hair style. With two French braids, one on each side with the crown teased?

  37. Love you tina please dont stop doing videos bcause i really want you.

  38. Love this and thank you for doing it slowly!

  39. Gosh! I m falling in love with you more and more ???

  40. very nice!!♥♥♥♥♥thank you my best sister

  41. Which nail colour u r wearing I just lov it

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