SUMMER Fitness Routine + TIPS to stay MOTIVATED


  1. That's me everyday ? but I have the same shirt!

  2. I compete in gymnastics and your right, it doesn't feel like your working out. I condition a lot because I'm level 4/5. I love your videos they are amazing just like you , ❤️ Ellison

  3. Lol show off?? but great vid and you are very talented

  4. PLEASE do more fitness videos!!! you have the best body!!!! This has motivated me so much thank you!! xxx

  5. I've never in my life seen egg whites in a box untill I started watching breakfast type of videos on youtube. I'm kinda glad they don't sell those where I live ghehe..

  6. lolzzz i loveee this video +Nicoletta xo

  7. You're such a babe. Loved this. Makes me want to go work out. <3

  8. loved the intro of this video! this is so cute and I loved it <3

  9. I loved the intro & i always love your workout videos

  10. I laughed so hard at the beginning hahaha you made my day :')

  11. Great video!! I wish I had your kind of motivation to go to the gym 5 times a week!!

  12. LMAO !!! YESSSSS I love u <3 xoxo beginning was flawless (;

  13. this video was amazing! the intro was so true, funny and creative! please do more fitness videos because you really got me motivated!

  14. That intro ? thank you nicoletta!

  15. the beginning is literally all i did this weekend hahaha YOU'RE SO PRETTY!! <3

  16. please do a gymnastics video, you're amazing!!

  17. OMG I love your body !!!! His just amazing !!!!!

  18. at least those are healthy snacks girl 😉

  19. 0:43 i died its me everytime i try to do a push up :pp
    love you <3

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