Summer Inspired Cat Eye Tutorial (Using Affordable Products)


  1. Your makeup application is flawless ????? loveeeeee ?
    Toilet roll ?

  2. did the brush you use for your transitions shed on your face???

  3. Love your blending and skills!?

  4. WOW I love this and can certainly try it thank you for more affordable product everytime you do that we poor ones can duplicate your stunning looks, love you AN! xxx Sphinx

  5. I have never thought about using NYX but you make this product look lovely… I always prefer high end make up

  6. How can you suggest a brush that it's shading during usage? This just seems shady…

  7. always beautiful work ?????????????????

  8. i really love how you apply make up. everything is so sharp and on fleek. whenever i do make up on my clients i always picture how you apply and always keep in mind your tips. thank you and keep on uploading video! ❤❤❤

  9. so trying this look. it looks gorgeous. ?

  10. You don't receive the credit that you deserve, your makeup skills are amazing! That blending is friken perfect! ?❤️

  11. Always so beautiful! Thank you for your videos!

  12. why is everyone commeting toilet roll.??? ….can anyone explain it to me ??? …thanks …!!!!

  13. Loved this look!!!! ?so pretty!!! And thank you so so so much for using affordable products!!!!?

  14. really love this warm look on you it is so pretty

  15. Tus ojos son los más hermosos <3

  16. This is the most Beautiful thing I have seen all day. And its already 10:13PM. eH EH

  17. So so gorgeously done again! Love it 🙂

  18. What a beautiful eye look! You have a lot of eye looks but PLEASE can you please make full face tutorial?! ??

  19. I always wished if you could do looks using drugstore makeup.. thank you for choosing NYX. my favorite drugstore brand.. hope you do more vidoes like this….

  20. hello wow I used this palette today and I used same order of colors lol like you…??

  21. this is a perfect video for me . Can use use other colors?

  22. Toilet roll ❤️ great look as always ! You are sooo talented ?

  23. Toilet roll! ?? I was eyeing this palette the other day…now I know I have to get it! Gorgeous look!!

  24. Toilet roll…Toilet Rolls, I just love them ??? Mooi eye look, lijkt wel ABH Modern Renaissance! Xx

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