Sunset Ombre Dolphin Nail Art

This is one of my favorite summer designs. It looks absolutely gorgeous on your nails! It helps to practice painting the dolphins on paper before attempting to create it on your nails. It helps even more if you print off a picture of the silhouette of a dolphin (try google images) and refer to it while painting 🙂

You could also paint the dolphins on a sandwich bag instead, like I showed you in my Hunger Games Nails video, and then easily transfer it over to your nails.


  1. If you use acrylic paint you can scratch off mistakes also when my nails are longer I will totally do this

  2. I wish I could draw in my nails like that I can't even draw in a peace of paper like that,your lucky cutepolish.

  3. I really enjoy your tutorials, and have learned a lot. How do I post my creations? Thank you for sharing all your nail art.

  4. Her voice in the old voice overs is really ANNOYING, now I love her voice in the new videos

  5. Is there a certain type of sponge you use? Where do you buy them and about how much are they? I haven't mastered gradients.

  6. Must the make up sponge be wet?

  7. I swam with dolphins and want to be a dolphin trainer

  8. boycott seaworld! go to clearwater aquiarim instead they RESUCE animals not hurt them seaworl hirts them

  9. I use to listen to this song on youtube for a very short while but forgot the EXACT name of it. What's it called again?

  10. You make this look way too easy, lol. Super cute though!

  11. These nails are so cute SOOOOOOO going to try it ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. She really thinks I'm that talented!!?✌️

  13. Hey I have a new channel with two others and we have one subscriber so if anyone could subscribe that would be great

  14. Thank You so much! I was looking for a sunset like ombre,and i saw this one. I knew it was perfect since I'm going to Hawaii.

  15. this is really cute, but does anyone else think that her voice sounds like a computerized telemarketer in this??

  16. Where do you buy a striper tool & is there anything that would work for a substitute??

  17. Me encantan esas uñas en degradé se ven hermosas

  18. Are you ok? I mean usually you sound happy and cheerful but you sound sad or bored?

  19. Thank I watch all of your videos and love them all

  20. The nail design is so cute and cool i tried it and it came out so nice

  21. why dont you use a paper towel the do the ombre nails instead of a makeup sponge

  22. Here is a tip for getting nail polish off easier if it gets on your skin
    Before you paint your nails put on some Elmer's school glue around your nails or you can buy the nail mess polish which on both of those you just put around your nail and peal it off when you are done

  23. I love it because Dolphins are my fav animal

  24. Hi cutepolish this is perfect because in school i am doing a dolphin essay/book

  25. Thankssss sooo useful for a pool party ! ?

  26. Even though I watched you do it, I still can't believe you did that by hand and not using a sticker or something else. 

  27. This is a manicure as good as a salon's. Why do I even bother to do it myself? It looks so good, though!

  28. i would sae this is d best nail art…… 

  29. I have a reqest could u do a pug plz

  30. you are amzing I love all ov ur desings im asking my mum 2 do this desing on my nails ..

  31. I thought you Maxe the dolphins with the stamps!

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