Sunset Shimmer Hair Color

After the Cyber Punk Hair Color I gave SuperMaryFace, she wanted to go to the opposite side of the color spectrum which are warm colors – Red, Orange, Yellow. Doesn’t she look like Sunset Shimmer?

Products used:


  1. Gorgeous! I love it long. Always long!

  2. Sunset shimmer hair style ???????

  3. Guy will we be getting something like for mydentity?

  4. I LU-LU-LUuuuuuvvv that you took a risk with the silver. I am amazed by how gorgeous this turned out! I was thinking her new nickname could be “blazing phoenix” Tehe

  5. How do you keep the reds from bleeding into the yellow during rinsing?

  6. This is litteralyy my dream hair colour… Ive tried coppying it but it never turns out this great! Ah if only you could do my hair lime this one day!!

  7. You are the only one I trust to dye my hair

  8. How long does the color last? Plus does this cost a small fortune? Looks like it with all the Labor & product. I love it!!!! You are so much fun Guy. Love the charcoal, you look so beautiful Mary!

  9. You should do SimplyNailogical's hair!!! She is a very popular nail artist YouTuber who has a soul made a HOLO!!!

  10. My moms a hair stylest and she's really good and I hope Mykie goes back to you!

  11. i love his random posessed moments

  12. She looks like Lindsay Lohan!

  13. What camera do you use to do the vlogging part of these videos?

  14. it's like he's always drunk

  15. She looks like a beautiful fire unicorn

  16. As a professional. This was very helpful with going from cool tones to warm. Will be doing it tomorrow.

  17. lmao love the mlp reference

  18. love watching him so fantastic with hair, cant wait to get my license and be able to produce stuff like Guy Tang….

  19. thats so beautiful!! Do my hair!!!!

  20. When she said she didn't know the words to "I will always love you" (cries internally)

  21. I want my hair fixed by you ..i come to u or fly u to me…i love YOUR WORK..

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