Super Easy and Cute Valentine’s Acrylic Nail Design

Hi loves!! Thank you for watching, here are the links***


  1. Also where did you get your clear acrylic from and your e file? Oh and your led light? Please let me know I'd like to get for myself ?

  2. I love your short nails you are the only person I've ever seen do a really good short acrylic nail!! I wish you lived near me! Love the valentines nail also! Can you do a tutorial on the short nails you have in this video?

  3. Thanks God you're back!!!! Love you! I know that a lot of us missed you ???

  4. the acrílic brush big that u used to do the nails !! u have for sale in your eBay store !??

  5. U have the brush for sale!?? Or not get !??

  6. Beautiful Camila!! Sorry to hear you were going through a rough patch. I hope everything is going better now. I'll keep you in my prayers!?

  7. Omg this is so so pretty!! Glad ur back!!!!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful!! Can you share what kind of Monomer you are using? Thank you for your inspiration and your time showing us your amazing work and skills!

  9. Hi what sort of e-file do you use pls XXX
    Love your work
    From Tracie Kirk Queensland Australia

  10. Hmm. You find inspiration from everything but yourself

  11. Thank you for sharing!! Picked up a couple of good tips! Glad you back! ?????

  12. Maybe it’s just me but your crystal clear acrylic has a purplish tint to it?

  13. Hi ?, starting to find interest in nails.I'm a beginner experimenting on my own and practicing hand.Any recommendations as far as nail school?

  14. So perfect for Valentine's Day ?❤❤ thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Very nice design, hope you well, thanks for sharing this with us.????

  16. I hope to see more videos like this from you in the future. I always love the videos where you do nails on yourself. Welcome back! ?

  17. Welcome back! Super pretty design! TFS! ?

  18. Is your liquid old? because it is so dark purple.

  19. So glad to have you back beautiful! These are super cute xxx

  20. Love the nail gracias e aprendido mucho viendo tu canal God bless

  21. Me encantan tus diseños!!!??

  22. Love love love….♥️?

  23. ?❤?Omg I loved it so much…its such beautifully nails…?❤?

  24. Love your videos! You explain everything so well.

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