Thinking of Booking a Holiday? Sustainable Travel Is the Way to Go!

AAA predicts that a record 47.9 million people will travel 50 miles or more from their homes over the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend. But, as enjoyable as traveling is, it can have negative effects on the environment.

Luckily, you can help lessen these effects by engaging in sustainable travel. So, if you’re among the millions of people planning a vacation for the Fourth of July weekend or some other upcoming event, why not learn how to travel green?

These sustainable travel tips will help you live a more green lifestyle even when on vacation.

What Is Sustainable Travel?

What Is Sustainable Travel

But what does it mean to engage in sustainable travel? As with sustainable living, sustainable travel means being aware of your impact on your surrounding environment.

Moreover, it includes adopting more green practices to lessen any negative effects you may cause to the environment. As such, by engaging in green traveling practices, you also make the most of the positive effects of tourism!

Book Your Stay in an Eco-Friendly Hotel

An eco-friendly hotel is a hotel that engages in sustainable practices. For example, a hotel that has partnered with a solar company to outfit its accommodations with solar energy is eco-friendly.

An eco-friendly hotel may also feature bio-architecture or energy-saving lights, for instance.

In fact, most eco-friendly hotels offer organic or local food. As such, they also contribute to boosting the local economy.

Use Public Transportation Whenever Possible

By using public transportation, you help to reduce air pollution. Likewise, you help to improve road congestion. With fewer cars and other vehicles on the road, less carbon dioxide is released into the environment.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Eat at Local Food Establishments

Eating at local food establishments is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the freshest meal possible. Also, it helps local businesses, strengthens the local economy, and creates more jobs and income within a community.

Respect the Culture of Local Communities

By respecting the culture of local communities, you help to conserve the culture and artistic heritage of the destinations that you visit. Interacting with locals can be among the most rewarding aspects of green travel.

Moreover, it preserves traditions that pass down by generation.

Shop at and Support Local Businesses

By shopping at and supporting the local businesses of the places that you visit, you help to empower that communities local economy. Shopping at local businesses also doesn’t involve much transportation or packaging and it creates more jobs.

sustainable traveling tips

Keep a Sustainable Lifestyle Even When You Travel

Whether you plan a trip by plane, car, or train for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend or other events, why not engage in sustainable travel!

By using these green traveling tips, you can lessen the negative effects traveling has on the environment and local communities. Also, you can make the most of the positive effects of tourism!

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