Suzie Builds CORNSTARCH Nails

Suzie tests using Cornstarch in place of Acrylic or Gel to build a nail, using both a Tip and a Nail Form. Is all the ‘cornstarch’ hype for real?

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  1. She shouldve took the nail polish brush in the cornstarch

  2. Yes!!!! Thank you so much for making this video!! I’ve tried telling my girlfriends who are doing this that I couldn’t see it lasting or holding as good as a professional product type nail!! But what do I know right? I’ve only been doing nails for 15 years!! Lol??‍♀️ I can see this working out if your in a pinch and just need it for a night out but not for everyday! Thanks so much for this video! I’m glad you gave it a chance and you handled it very well!

  3. this was such a creative video! go suzie!

  4. What about using gel top coat?

  5. flour would crack as it dried that's why you shouldn't use it

  6. I used brush on gel/glue instead of the nail polish. It turned out great. It amazes me how creative we can be!

  7. Would pinching it help give it strength?

  8. Susie you missed the hack okay. This wasn't inventive way to do nice nails in a DIY style that you tried to elevate to the next level and it was never meant to be that. So where I get you attempted to do something new it was an epic fail and I think for girls who can't afford to go to the nail salon every two weeks this is the perfect DIY because it does work when you do it and its basic form.

  9. Thanks for doing this for me, I tried them but they were chipping away at night

  10. Oh no!!! I was hoping that you would have a miracle technique to this actually working?! I'm allergic to gel and acrylics. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative?? I love long nails!!

  11. I think if u want nice nails for a night out this would be good.
    We all know it's temporary we're not kids mind u, if I had the time is do this. You r a great nail tech so I understand where ur coming from.

  12. Feel like this hack is for quick photos, not long term wear.

  13. As far as cheap methods go I think full cover press ons would be better. I used to do them until I started hard gels recently(I tried acrylic and I'm not patient enough to learn it) and it would be about $10. They sell 500pc ones on Amazon for cheap, I buy tips off there too.

  14. I would mix clear nail polish and cornstarch together and lay it out on my nail

  15. u r pouring corn starch to make it even..n then u r filing it to make it uneven….does make sense…huh…

  16. They picked Corn starch because it absorbs without getting doughy or crystallizing i assume


  18. Never seen any one build with polish. I use a full tip for that.

  19. Could this get you through a day or two if you had a badly damaged nail and could not get into the shop right away maybe? How long did the cornstarch nail last?

  20. Could you have used gel polish instead?

  21. Who makes polish in that sheer white color tho? I like that.

  22. loved this! thank u suzie! ur amazing at everything u put ur hands on.. even things like this where u dont back it! is it possible that u could find a diy that u DO LIKE and would recommend? even if its for a night wear, like 1 use kinda thing.. i find these kinda things so interesting!

  23. Everybody talks about how to apply those god damn tips but no one will ever tell how to take them off without hurting yourself. How Suzie, how?

  24. I totally told my step mom this wouldn’t last you cause corn starch is not meant to last long cause what if you wash your hands dishes it will come off

  25. I just took mine off today?I'm never going back to the nail salon though.

  26. I'm glad you give us helpful information.

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