Suzie Does Nails Magazine Cover – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie has the privilege of designing the nails featured on the cover of Nails Magazine May 2017 issue. Suzie recreates the design on fellow nail technician Natalie, and shares the techniques to creating these stunning nails, and also discusses ways to avoid common mistakes.

  • Nails Magazine has a Behind the Scenes video of Suzie creating the design in the Nails Magazine Studio. Check it out: Here
  • Here’s a link to the digital Nails Magazine May 2017 Issue: Here

Suzie would like to thank everyone at Nails Magazine for helping make her visit so much fun!
Thank-you Erica, Danielle, Kim, Beth, Veronika, Michelle, Cyndy, photographer Vu, model Ciara, and everyone else involved.

Products featured in this video:


  1. It's so pretty im gonna die.

  2. the nails came out great love them

  3. I love stiletto nails, but can never grow them out even though my nails grow fast

  4. Suzie you are so lovely and talented omg, I wish I could go to your salon at least one time!

  5. I love watching your videos they're relaxing and they've inspired me! I want to invest in a nail tech career!

  6. very beautiful the blue was my favorite i would gets these nails for my quincenera

  7. Susie, you are an amazing nail artists. I love watching your video, it's really helpful with me learning.

  8. Congrats on being on the cover of nails magazine!

  9. I like Natalie you should have her more often on your channel <3

  10. At 8:45 the top view of nail.. man that looks so awesome .. design coming out so well… this vid is satisfying in creative way…

  11. Suzie, can you tell me what type of e-file bit you are using to file the acrylic here?

  12. I absolutely love that you showed every color! The tutorials i always saw before finding your channel would do one and then let you imagine how the others happened lol i love this! ?

  13. the purple blow me away! purple is my favourite colour!

  14. i mean yeah they are pretty but how can u handle anything with so long nails…

  15. Every time I go to get my nails done I tell them I want my nails like this and literally no one knows how to do it in the Dallas Fort Worth area ????

  16. Is Natalie interested in doing nails herself, because she was interested in everything that was being done. Really cool to have that other side of the conversation sometimes.

  17. I think I like this set better than the set you did for the cover! You are so talented Suzie. I don't even get my nails done, but I love watching your videos! They're so informative and fun to watch! Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. i love watching your videos Suzie! If i ever go to Canada im coming to your salon!!

  19. Natalie should start her own youtube channel

  20. OH MY GOD! Suzie is the Bob Ross of nail art!!!!!!!!!!??

  21. Suzie needs to do a collab with Jenna marbles!!! Like if you agree so suzie can see!!!??????

  22. Suzie is the nail obsessed mother I never had

  23. Lol her false lashes annoy me so much

  24. please i want to know why the gel i do falls from the nail after one week

  25. omg these are AMAZING!!! absolutely stunning! I'm so in l❤ve

  26. I like the client but it would be better if she didn't talk as much. just saying it's my opinion….

  27. Congratulations on the cover! How exciting!
    I was wondering if hydrating the larger flowers in a little of the liquid in small dish before before applying them would make them more flexible? Maybe pop a few in the dish as your building the base and then adding them?
    Regardless they're beautiful.

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