Suzie Tries Dual Forms / Popits

Suzie tries the Bio Seaweed Gel Reverse Nail Tips system: Bio-Swift Nail Tips. This is Suzie’s 1st time using dual forms or popits. Watch as she learns some of the do’s and don’ts when using this type of nail enhancement technique.

Products used in this video:

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. The products was given to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience of using the product with her viewers. Link to product are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers.


  1. Hello, I love you channel but I was wondering, I always wanted to try watermarbleing with gel but I worried the water would mess up the cureing of the gel. What would happen?

  2. There are clips to hold them on to the nails.

  3. Can you use the dualforms with acrylic?

  4. Ive done these before and they popped off within a day

  5. if u do it with gel u need to have ur lamp ready to go. it will not stay on by itself using gel. dont have her put her hand in the hand u hold the lamp over the finger while securing the pop it to the nail without pressing too hard and squishing the product out under the free edge. acrylic is thicker and easier.

  6. Yeah I customise my dual forms by cutting or filing the edge or sidewalls as needed because they are not one side fits all

  7. Suzie, guurl… collab with Jennaaaaaaa plsss

  8. CAN YOU PLEASE TRY IT WITH POLYGEL! it’s so much easier to work with

  9. Hahahaha I hope she didn't pay for this one ?

  10. Hi Suzie!! I just have to tell you that i LOVE square nails on you gurl!!!! ya look great!! XO

  11. i love your job

  12. these was around some years ago allready I remmeber I tried them back then with acrylic though which is much more easier then wil gel.

  13. What if when you size it you see which line on the tip would be a better place to do the white for the French tip?

  14. I don’t know why, but I love watching these videos. Maybe because as a kid I loved to sculpt. I think this product reminds you that shortcuts aren’t always easier. Like non pressurized and pressurized espresso filter baskets.. one is easier, but produces mediocre coffee, the other requires more attention to grind and dose… but once you get it down, you’ll never use the pressurized basket again. Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂

  15. Bought some after watching naio. They are great for beginners

  16. Hi Suzie, if you really like dual forms or are still curious about them, they can be used with acrylic. I do it all the time. I love dual forms, they're great for beginners.

  17. Just curious, but why didn't you read the instructions first?

  18. Try the dual forms with acrylic and see if the results are the same, or try a different gel like poly gel or happy gel and see if that works??

  19. I think too it doesn't work with gel… I don't like it. U do better without this dual forms.

  20. You got the bubbles by the cuticle because you didn't fill your form enough so you had to push it down like you would a press on nail. A little more gel and less pressure next time.

  21. they are really fun to play with though used to use these for glitter acrylic

  22. Those forms work perfect with poly gel suzie

  23. I love your top! Where can I find it?

  24. Use your happy gel with the pop its.

  25. Also, don't push the free edge area down so far.

  26. dual forms have been a thing for years they are super easy to use with tips

  27. so that one pot is only enough for one set of nails?

  28. Suzie can u please try extreme Japanese nail art I have seen some other YouTubers do it but I want to see u also nice video

  29. Suzie the idea you have that the forms have to be a bit bigger is wrong. You want a form that is the right size. As you know gel expands while it cures. Removing any overflow before the cure is essential. Also holding the dual form at the cuticle while doing a 5 second flash cure will help stabilize the form. The thumb nail you did was covered. The problem was that it lifted while drying. That’s why you had the gap. After the flash cure you may proceed with the full cure time. I usually do 30 seconds up and 30 down. Or since you love acrylic just use that. This product may be used with acrylic, gel and poly-gel. Oh and the lines you said were for gripping are actually measuring lines. You use them to measure the nail length. You can use either the square shape or the oval. That’s how you can create French tips with the forms. You can use coloured gels as well. Awesome video. Was fun to see you learn each nail. Thanks for making videos. I have learned a lot from you.

  30. Loved your review, but your professional sculpted are prettier and I am curious to see if those stay on as long as your sculpted. Nice job.

  31. I dunno I don’t see the point. I feel like this would take longer and be more of a gamble every time. I don’t get the purpose of this product at all. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of improving the process. I mean it doesn’t do anything you can’t do with a form or tip. I think it’s very gimmicky, I think the company will get a big boom of business with everybody trying it out but I don’t think it will last because it doesn’t work great. As always, love your videos x

  32. Omg I have really been scoping out dual forms recently and boom theres a video!I love your psychic ability❤ nails look great! No primer and dehydrator!? Whaaaaat!? Im so excited!!!

  33. You really should try these with acrylic, you'll find that you'll get even faster and oh, the luxury of not having to file at the cuticles <3 Also, to make a french you measure the forms and mark the top with a sharpie to indicate the placement of the different colours 😉

  34. U can do all ur nails if u where using acrylic. And I got no ledge (No I'm not a nail tech, just a nail lover!)

  35. I used polygel and it was so easy. Give it a try

  36. When I did a French Manicure with these I put my form in to fit, then I used a marker to mark where I needed my French line to be. I hope that make sense.

  37. I literally was just trying this on myself with acrylic and it is the best acrylics I've done . The first 2 I did were a little thick but the rest came out pretty good!

  38. i used forms once and then put them in a small plastic bag with my clients name on. no measure for her next appointment. just get them out the bag and reuse.

  39. I've been waiting for this one! I think your technique of forming the nail by hand is so much better because you get to pay attention to the individuals hand however these dual forms were so interesting to me when I first saw it. I'm glad you were able to get your hands on it and with play with it! I think you should give the acrylic a try.

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