Suzie’s Cornstarch Nail Review – One Week Later

Suzie shows her Cornstarch Nail one week after application, and explains in detail why it turned out the way it did.

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  1. Can you talk about adding silica or cornstarch to gel to make the gel-acrylic hybrids like Princess Gel?

  2. This is suzies way of saying I told you so!;)

  3. Might be weird of me to say, but you seem like you'd be really fun to bake with ?

  4. You should do a video on the anatomy of the nail. It may sound like it makes sense to you but apparently I’ve been using the wrong words to explain parts of the nail. This comment probably doesn’t make sense. Lol. Long story short, please make a vid on nail anatomy for us lame men. 🙂

  5. I have never gotten my nails done nor do I have a desire to, but I have been watching Suzie’s videos for years now and the quality has always consistently gotten better. Always thoroughly made, always a lesson in each video and always discussion as to what works best for each scenario. It’s critical thinking and as a biochemistry student, it’s like no stress practice as to learning and analyzing a problem. I love it. It’s just a genuine and good natured experience each time.

  6. Can you please explain what SNS is and how to remove them safely. I'm really confused if it is an acrylic or not.

  7. I'm gonna link this video on every cornstarch nail DIY that comes up in my suggested feed.

  8. I think that cornstarch would work way better with gel Polish and setting it.

  9. I got acrylic nails for the first time today.

  10. where is her nail camera? in her glasses?

  11. I know you just did a video on doing acrylics on your other hand. But I have a hard time doing french tips on my opposite hand can you give any tips.

  12. I haven’t had acrylics in 5 years where should I continue my fabulous journey?

  13. I love your acrylic nails you always do great nails Who ever came up with this cornstarch was not thinking and Cheap like you said cornstarch don't get hard it's like flour it can be wash away , A person can't even really get their hands wet the more water the quicker your nail would be gone People Stop being So Cheap an go to a professional pay the money get some Real Acrylic Nails .Thanks for Sharing each step from day one to last day of you wearing those .???

  14. Quick question: i got my nails done last week in a normal "supposedly" professional nail salon and when the lady put the acrylic on my nail, it's burn my real nail bright red and the side of my finger. The lady said that it's okay and that it's just the chemicals reacting. Is that really true or is the acrylic so old that it burn my real nails red?

  15. Even acryl csn get your whole nail of

  16. I think it's meant to be temporary…. may be something for a special night or two

  17. Mine never did that. I am still wearing my cornstarch nails and i did mine two weeks ago. You have to use a nail hardener nail polish.

  18. Thank you for doing videos like this! There are SO many cornstarch nail videos out there claiming that it works and it's a good alternative to acrylic when in fact it's gimmicky and false. Love your videos!

  19. Miss Susie, I'm practicing acrylic on myself. How do I remove the acrylic if I need to? ( and boy do I need to! ) I need to start over. Thank you. Love your videos! !!!!

  20. I am getting my first set of acrylic nails tomorrow and I can’t wait they are going to be long matte black coffins ?❤️

  21. Suzie, thank you so much for doing this videos just to show that this diy stuff youtubers come up with, it drives me crazy that they think they can get away with these silly diy videos and even think they can get good result just as a professional would and imply they even get better results while they end up doing more harm than good, well either way thank you so much for trying the cornstarch thing. Keep on with your amazing videos.

  22. 30 people who disliked the video must hate hearing someone professional say that cornstarch isnt strong as acrylic. Plus cornstarch on a nail is like dinner for fungus.

  23. I really enjoyed the follow up! I feel like it highlighted the importance of the build of the nail itself while using a silly trend to be entertaining.

  24. I suggest using sugar instead of cornstarch

  25. Jenna's next video
    gravy nails

  26. I also would worry about the nail snapping off and breaking in a painful way. Ouch. Thanks for taking the time to do this and explain why it's not a good idea. And I see the cornstalk lovers in the audience are still upset. honestly if you are going through the trouble of using glue all over your nail, just buy a cheap kit to do your nails.

  27. Thank you for showing what it looks like later. People seemed to think this is a great alternative, but it looks like garbage after 2 days. Great experiment Susie!!

  28. I WOULD KILL to make her my personal nail technician.??❤?

  29. Thank you! I think building a nail with cornstarch is so foolish. I refuse to try it ?

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