Suzie’s Haul #2 – Vote which Product I Demo 1st!

Suzie’s got some exciting new nail products, and you can help decide which product you’d like to see her demo 1st in an upcoming video. Use the Poll Card near the end of the video to cast your vote!

Products featured in this video:


  1. Wow.' Love Love to see the dip powder!! Pretty colors

  2. Dip powder in yellow Please ! 🙂

  3. Dip powders please Susie. There aren’t enough tutorials out there for those.

  4. OPI the ones you got are my fav! Specially because I have natural nails so I always love painting them! 🙂

  5. I’d really like to see the Joys Mia collection, oh my the yellow, it’s so bright. But to be honest I’ll watch whatever you put up. Hope you’re having a good week.. enjoy your weekend.

  6. All of them! Love your videos. Your videos help me do my own.

  7. You should try out the Color Club dip powder kit

  8. I want to see all the polishes

  9. I would love to see the dipping method. The colours are beautiful. I use CJP products, their system is great. ?

  10. To make it a fair review all of them mix and match

  11. I love your channel, not a nail tech pro but teaching myself for fun!! Love your energy, professionalism and quality/ candor. Whew! How about the KS…dipping system and acrylic

  12. i loved all of them, make several videos pls with all of them…youre the best <3

  13. CJP nail systems & Joya Mia dipping system! But I would really love to see them all!!

  14. Suzie! Could you please review GellyFit nail polish if you ever get a chance?! It's from Korea and hard to get but I know of 2 Canadian suppliers… It's a high viscosity nail polish that I keep seeing everywhere, wondering if it's worth the expensive price tag

  15. I’d really like to see the CJP. But it all looks fantastic!

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