Suzie’s Haul – Nail Products from Vegas!

Suzie’s shows us all the fantastic new Nail Products she picked up at the Las Vegas International Beauty Show and Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas!


  1. I'm in haven I really love all you're things a huge fan of you chica ??????i really love all you're colors you have girl ?

  2. Wish i could afford dessent acrylic nail products sadly i have to make do witlh cheapes acryluc powders liquids bruses eg all of ebay i think pay £3.56 for 120ml tub acrylic powder and about same price for 120ml acrylic liquid only way I can aford to do my nails don't work has good has things u bye but dose job long has I fill a LOT to get right Finnish just wish could aford desent powder liquid could u try work with it tell me what u think please it as flow acrylic powers white red tub thank you x

  3. I vote for more chrome stilettos please

  4. Suzie seems like the type of shopper that giggles when she finds something nice and the type of shopper that carries and places everything inside a giant woven basket. Aka she's so wonderful and lovely.

    Oh no Suzie has a mini LED light, now she can nuke on the go.

  5. you were thinking of abalone

  6. Abelone is the word you're looking for Suzi.

  7. Parabéns Susi, assisto e aprendo muito com você. Desejo muito sucesso e felicidades. ?????

  8. Suzie Q! When are your kits getting restocked!! Or who else would you suggest an awesome starter kit from?

  9. That thumbnail gave me life and cleared my skin.

  10. I think it's abalone a-buh-LOW-nee you were thinking of.

  11. You should do a collab with SimplyNailogical. I have a feeling that you two would make the BEST and funniest video!

  12. Getting that flat iron! Lol …I've been searching for one…The search had ended.i love that rose gold!!!

  13. You should do mermaid nails I love the nice glitter colors mermaids have

  14. I just came across your videos and I love you! You are so adorable and full of knowledge… Not to mention your nail tutorials are beautiful and on point… So many do the same thing and look cheesy with too many things going on at once… I wish I lived in Canada so you could do my nails… No one does them like you here in Johnson city TN… I know it's a long shot but do you know of anyone or any place near me that would be a good place to get my nails done? Your videos have me jonesin for a great set!

  15. I have a question, I don't want to sound dumb but can regular acrylic powder be used as dip powder??

  16. I can't find the Bella Nail kit case anywhere ??

  17. How do u keep the edges of the decals from peeeling up

  18. Ooooh I want to see all the glitter, charms, and jewels!! ???

  19. Hey Suzie. Im having trouble finding good British websites which sell good quality acrylic nail products and I was wondering if you've bought good items from eBay or amazon?

  20. Is there a way to prevent or combat the extreme dryness my hands get when I use a UV light? Any recommended products?

  21. Maybe you were thinking Pua shell? Not sure of the spelling but they are shells with a metallic iridecense to them.

  22. You are so funny you look like a little girl in a candy store.

  23. It's called Abalone, the word you were trying to think of!

  24. was all this sent to you. such a blessing. i wouldnt know what to do lol

  25. Decal like Sallie except with a c

  26. I'm also excited to see what you'll do with all that stuff

  27. I would like you to demo polygel definitely!!!?

  28. Loving all the reviews. What do you think of Mia Secret acrylic and gels and polish. They are from Mexico. They are launching their product here in South Africa this weekend.

  29. You mean an opalescent color… the mother of pearl shell type look.

  30. I ALWAYS get gel polish on my fingers and regular on my toes… and I prefer those sets of 2 colors that are the same, the gel and the regular polish. Fantastic idea, I literally use it all the time. Can't believe Suzie doesn't know more about that!

  31. I love when you just toss stuff behind you! Its hilarious ????????? oh n plz do a video on those shell prism things bc i own some n have no idea how to use them lol

  32. Hi, Suzie I would love to see an after end video shot of your floor with all the stuff you throw away and tossed to the floor..Lol

  33. rose gold … always pretty

  34. when when your nail kit will be available to buy again

  35. This is just amazing. I really want to go for a nail courses your videos really encourage me to go for it.

  36. Lol you are so cute, like a kid at Christmas. I am the same way when I go shopping <3

  37. Hi Suzie. I'd love to see a video on the Swarovski pixie crystals. They're my absolute favorite! I hope you can do it next. ❤️❤️

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