Hey Cutie’s! Here’s a video of me swatching some of my single eyeshadows. Let me know in the comments if you wanna see more video’s where I swatch my other Z Palettes ♡♡♡♡ An

Love you guys! ♡ ♡ – – –


  1. Hey Cutie's! ♡♡ Here's a video of me swatching my warm Z palette filled with single eyeshadows from different brands. Let me know in the comments if you wanna see more video's where I swatch my other Z Palettes ♡♡♡♡ An

  2. Me encantan tus vídeos son excelentes aunq solo hablo español

  3. i love how she just dives right in and doesnt include a full minute or two of talking complete and utter nonsense. some people dont have time to sit and watch you waffle lmao but her channel is v good my go to channel for eye makeup looks

  4. I'm Obsessed with Warm Eyeshadows, so thank you so much for doing this video! I've made my list! 🙂

  5. I want to see more!!! Beautiful

  6. Is it possible to do a eye look with just some of these. No other shadows?

  7. Beautiful Babe! ?
    Could you do a MORPHE 15N/15D holiday collection tutorial….?

  8. love this vid! also the song! what song is it?

  9. could you do an easy / quick / natural look with the too faced chocolate bar palette?

  10. This is total warmth heaven ???can you do a tutorial using some colors from this palette

  11. Your eye looks always look so amazing it was cool to see the swatches 🙂 Looking forward to the next eye look 😀

  12. this was a different type of video for you An. Very helpful so we may see more details in the actual colors. Thank You girl !!!!

  13. Cool! Please swatch the pink/brown one and the purple one! Could you do the swatches in motion? Showing how you pick up the colour, show the finger and then shatch the arm. Would be better! Kisses!

  14. Me gusto mucho tu video. Saludos desde colombia.

  15. Can you showcase the green palette?

  16. Love Love Love these colors and yes please do more of these??Hugs from Tennessee??

  17. А где взять??такие тени?

  18. I loved this video!!! Can you do the Blue & Green Palette next please? ???❤️

  19. Please do more!!!! I love swatch videos!! ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

  20. ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️? ♥️????❤️?

  21. Thanks for sharing could you do another video showing your cool tone or netruel eyeshadows

  22. How about one with your favorite shimmer/foiled shadow's would be cool to!

  23. Loveee this video!! Show us more babe!!! Would love to see your custom shadow collection!

  24. I enjoy swatch videos AND dupes if you come across them : ) I have several of these shades and really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing, hope you do more.

  25. Enjoyed the video! Do you realize you have 2 MUG casino shadows in this video? Just thought I'd point that out. I Love warm shadows. Tiger's eye is gorgeous!

  26. Ahhhhh so beautiful ?❤

  27. I wasn't really into this kind of video personally. Thank you for sharing though. 🙂

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