Sweater Weather Makeup & Outfit l Christen Dominique

I’m all about the sweater weather I can’t even begin to tell you how cozy it makes me feel! I was inspired by cold weather hot seasonal coffee and warm sweaters! Hopefully you try this Sweater weather makeup out and steal my basic comfy style!! If you do #christendominique so I can see same with your outfits! and you may be featured in an upcoming video : D


  • Sweater- Forever 21
  • Long Biege Cami- Forever 21
  • UGG Boots


Camera: Cannon D 70
Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X

This is not a sponsored video


  1. I am a girl so beautiful so cute I love that very nice

  2. I would like you to be my gf plzz

  3. When I think of sweater weather I think of the song

  4. U actually look prettier caked with less makeup. Strip it back abit and let your natural beauty shine. It's way too heavy!

  5. Wow this hair color really suits you!!

  6. Youre so much prettier without makeup!

  7. This is very amazing makeup,ty so much for this tutorial. I love this wether so much too, it make me feel freedom and charming☺️???☀️

  8. Do you renounce on products that have been tested on animals? I see only products without 🙂 That would make me so happy 🙂 If you are the first one I ever found here on Youtube who be careful about it 🙂

  9. Autumn is so not my favorite time of year but this video helps me like it a bit more. 🙂

  10. I always feel stupid asking this but what color polish are you wear? I have been in search of a good neutral and that looks perfect. Oh an love your video, new to your channel and Im addicted. 

  11. your eyes are beautiful I mean such a wonderful color… anyway loved the video

  12. Smashbox Studio Skin is the best foundation ever!

  13. You are so pretty, I love this video idea! Just subscribed<3 xo

  14. Great video. I love your makeup here!!! 

  15. Omg, obsessed with ur channel? Love all the smaller youtubers???

  16. I feel like blonde hair wash you out. Enjoy your blonde hair but switch to brunnette soon girl!

  17. Sweaters, tights, hot tea and the love of my life….I love this time of year ❤❤?

  18. Hi guys! I'm a new youtuber, please watch my very first video! tysm.

  19. My favorite season is fall/winter! I live in Kansas and one day it snows and the next day its 70 degrees!!

  20. You look like Ariana grande in this video!

  21. Your makeup was so beautiful. x

  22. Your videos are always so fun and creative !:) as always love the look !

  23. Hi gorgeous !! Could u do a diet routine video !! XOXO

  24. You are a bombshell in blonde hair 

  25. this is gorgeous!! love it 

  26. Hair tutorial for this video please!! Love this makeup!!!

  27. I love your eyes, there so big! !

  28. Peppermint mocha! Peppermint choco . Omg . I love winter T.T . And . You look stunning!

  29. when i think of sweater weather natural no makeup makeup comes to my mind… 😀 

  30. Who would dislike this video? Love it! Great makeup and outfit.

  31. You are gorgeous even with no make up on!

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