Sweet Photo Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Inspires Disturbing Nail Art

If you had heard that there are people completely obsessed with the Kardashian-Jenners, but you refused to believe it, then this article is definitely going to convince you that it’s true. By now, surely you know that Kylie Jenner was indeed pregnant and that she gave birth to her first daughter with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott on the 1st of February. The reality TV star, who had stayed mostly absent from social media and from the public eye during her entire pregnancy, made her return to the spotlight by uploading a sweet 11-minute video tribute to her newborn.

But it was the announcement of the little one’s name and particularly the accompanying photo that really struck a chord with fans. The pic which shows Stormi holding her mother’s finger was so well-received by Kylie’s followers that, with over 17 million ‘hearts’, it quickly became the most liked Instagram post ever. People loved the touching photo so much that they just had to make it creepy. Because, obviously, that’s what you do with things you really, really like.

Thus was born the most horrifying nail art you’ve ever seen.

Arina and Eleonora Movsisian are two sisters who own a chain of nail salons in Moscow, Russia. They were so inspired by Kylie’s pic that they decided it would be a brilliant idea to make a 3D replica of it and use it as nail decoration! Yeah, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea anyone’s ever had, but it got them a lot of attention, and you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

stormi webster ??

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“We wanted to shock people with our skills,” the Armenian sisters told Newsbeat. “Did we overdo it?”

Yeah, by a mile. I wish there was a way to unsee that…

Arina and Eleonora posted the ‘making of’ video on their Nail Sunny Instagram page where it’s garnered more than 2 million views. It took them nine hours with the help of another employee to complete the clay sculpture of Kylie’s thumb and Stormi’s hand wrapped around it. Was it time well spent? Eh, you decide. Here, take a look, but don’t blame me if you are later haunted by nightmares…

@kyliejenner ‘s and Stormi’s Nails ??

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Stroke of genius?

“We saw the picture at night and the idea appeared immediately,” said Eleonora. “The Kylie and Stormi picture itself is extremely cute and we felt like we should do something creative to congratulate her.”

I’m sure Kylie is just thrilled with such a heartfelt tribute! But the world wasn’t really ready for the innovative nail art style, with a lot of people calling it “creepy” and posing that eternal question: “but, why?” Why, indeed. However, you might be surprised, or even shocked (which was, apparently, the main purpose of the whole undertaking), to find that there were some people who actually liked it and they even went as far as calling it “amazing” and “extra”. Those must be the completely obsessed KarJenner fans I mentioned earlier.

“We didn’t expect people to find it scary,” said Eleonora. The sisters, however, weren’t at all upset by the negativity. “We are used to this attention towards our 3D designs,” she continued. “This time we knew it was going to be a certain reaction, because Kylie’s picture captured such an emotional moment.”

This isn’t the first time that they have created a 3D nail art design. They have made a model of Paris Hilton as well, which you can see below. Who wouldn’t want to have that on their nail? It’s super practical, isn’t it?

Come now, dear readers, tell me: is there at least one of you out there who would actually want to decorate their nails with more nails still attached to their fingers? Or is this a completely absurd idea?