Take Stamping to a New Level with Layers!

Suzie learns the secret to creating beautiful Layered Stamping Nail Art from the creator of the Clear Jelly Stamper, Debbie Duxbury.

Clear Jelly Stamper is offering a special discount to Suzie’s viewers on anything in their online store. To receive your discount on your purchase, at the checkout enter the coupon code: Suzie

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  1. Clear Jelly Stamper is offering a special discount to my viewers on anything in their online store. To receive your discount on your purchase, at the checkout enter the coupon code: Suzie

  2. Hi Susie how can I get the whole stamping book that Debbie gave to you

  3. Hi.suzie.very pretty I jot the clear jelly plats and paints.but there is a plate the if you can show how do strapping.and the plate is the essential-one. Cjs-22 so help..Lupe

  4. Aw, I missed your videos Suzie. It's been a month since I've seen your videos.

  5. Just watched this for the second – erm, maybe third? – time, and this is the best tutorial out there that I have found so far that explains Debbie's stamping plates and how to use them in such detail. (Should that be a surprise, being as the inventor herself is here to teach and explain? I think not…)

    The first time I watched this (two days ago) I ran right over to Debbie's site and ordered some plates, the big ol' stamper, and 13 colours! They should arrive tomorrow! I'm so excited! (Thanks to Suzie and Debbie for the discount, too!)

    Let me just say that I agree that you two are a perfect "nail match made in heaven" as far as style and tone and teaching ability. I'd love to see Debbie do more tutorials on her own YT channel or her site. I'd subscribe in a heart beat! And seeing you two together on some kind of regular basis? How awesome-sauce would THAT be???

    Because of you, Suzie, I've invested in some PolyGel and I'm starting to get the hang of sculpting my own nails with it. I've never touched acrylic or builder gels, but when you tried out that PolyGel, I thought, "Now THERE is something I could learn with!" I mean, I'm just a home-based nail enthusiast, but videos like this have helped me both perfect my technique and explore new worlds of nails and polish and art! Thanks to you, I impress my co-workers on a bi-weekly basis! LOL Not to mention the money I've invested in the nail industry in general. Probably far less than what I would have paid to have all my mani's done professionally, but far more than my husband would like to know about… * and he doesn't know about it… shhhhh * So, yeah. Thanks. <3

  6. please can debbi explain the colour she is wearing?

  7. Lol so cute, I can tell she's having the time of her life learning

  8. Schade, die Schablone mit den Schmetterlingen und den Blumen ist leider ausverkauft. Wann kann man diese wieder erhalten? kann ich diese auch in € kaufen? Lieben Dank für Deine Antwort. Bine

  9. Hey suzie can you make a tutorial for gel polish stamping ?

  10. Plzz make more stamping vedios we love it plzzzz

  11. Try cleaning your stamper with scotch tape 🙂 doesn't dry the "jelly" out as fast 🙂 super cute new stamps!

    oh and please do another collab together! it was like frauline Maria and Mary Poppins got together for tea time times 10!! loved every second!

  12. I LOVE my CJS! I was watching Talia's Nail Tails and she introduced them. CJS is so much fun!

  13. Will you be getting anymore of the pixie perfect and peacock garden templates in again ?

  14. Love these layering plates but have'nt had the nerve to try them. This video with the explanation and tips from Debby is very helpfull. And your designs beautiful ? Lots of thanks to the both of you ?

  15. they're true friends it's so cute omg

  16. Suzie! How did you make your vanity planet led lamp pink?! Looks so cute!

  17. You two are so adorable! ? love the energy you have together!

  18. Hello, my name is Brishae Briscoe and I just seen the video of the nail art place mat. I love the style and would love to purchase a mat. Can you tell me do I need to place mats to make one size or are they a nice size please reply. Thank you.

  19. I am just KOO KOO for CJS? as I am sure you will be too Suzie!! You did AWESOME and I know you will have it mastered by sundown ?? ? ?

  20. A little comment. It’s not precisionly it’s precisely ?❤️

  21. Omg everything is so perfect and im so poor

  22. this is incredibly cool oh my god

  23. Just made my order after watching this video, really wanted this plate shown but wasn't in stock but I'll keep waiting till it is

  24. I also bought 6 stamping polished and a stamper – thanks Suzie for your promo code! I really liked Debbie’s nail shop! ❤️???

  25. I was able to order a leaf stamping plate! Thank God! Thank you Suzie for the promo code too! I know I’m getting a good stamping plate!❤️???

  26. I can’t seem to order- it clicks off!

  27. I received my order to only find out they didn't even get it correct! The whole point of their product is the stamper and they forgot to included it. I have emailed them a few days ago and I am still waiting for a response back.

  28. Ahhhhh I wish it was that easy, I've been trying to do stamping for years and I still can't get it

  29. What a beautiful Invention! I have a stamper but to be honest it isn't great. This looks amazing and the gorgeous looks that could be created! Ahhh and I love how intricate it looks! 🙂

  30. How I get that jelly stamper

  31. Should she be cleaning the stamper with acetone?

  32. Thank you Suzie! I always enjoy your tutorials but this one really sparked my interest. I LOVE these stamping plates to pieces! ❤️ I've already purchased several plates and polishes and I cannot wait to get creating! Thank you!

  33. You're talking about the instructions and I'm screaming in my head "oh god Suzie, please don't throw those" phew

  34. Such a great idea!! 🙂 I love it!

  35. Everybody needs a Debbie and a Suzie in their life!

  36. Omfg I need this kit! So amazing.

  37. But the color is beutiful.

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