2. Basically Instagram "beauty gurus"

  3. I mean, what could go wrong ?

  4. This was my first video and I literally thought that she was being serious I thought the Shanna was weird, just like me

  5. You know it's a joke when she actually gets straight to the point ? luv u nikkie

  6. I'm not sure what had me giggling more. You're OBVIOUS restraint (to NOT laugh). Or the FUPA-ish 'SLAP SLAP SLAP' of the pepper. ??

  7. Beautiful finish THATS NUMBER 1

  8. Kay… I was thinking this woman lost her damn mind.

  9. After she said you should use a bell pepper I just checked the date to make sure homegirl ain't tripping ?

  10. Ahahahah wen i freaking saw the title i was i dont think nikkie would do such a thing and i clicked it a laughed lmao hahahahahah love it

  11. for a moment I actually thought the pepper worked

  12. Where did you get your headband!!??

  13. Ooooo boyy I should not be watching this while trippin ??????

  14. Latest hottest applications of powders on the whole face?

  15. HAHA i watched seriously, it remained me that u don't like something like that texture to apply on your face. Then when i read the description… Its april fool hahaha im new on ur channel so im just like gonna watched everything this week.. Keep up the good work!

  16. honestly i was so relieved when she said that this was a joke

  17. I love your hair like this ❤❤

  18. "Shane Dawson better watch out"

  19. I thought she was crazy ?

  20. You should've used the wrong color foundation to make it even more extra

  21. i can now say i have made it to the weird side of youtube.

  22. 'To The next level' here we go again….

  23. This is so weird to watch ?

  24. Is it just me or is nikke FLAWLESS ????

  25. I knew it was a prank from the start because she didn't take 20 minutes explaining what she was going to do

  26. BRA that's a lie she edit the video and used her real makeup brushes to do her foundation

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