Tank Top Hacks Every Girl MUST KNOW !! How to Transform your OLD Tank Tops

Hello loves! Today I am doing another CLOTHING HACKS you must know! I will be sharing with you guys tank top hacks you must know! How to Transform your old Tank Tops! How to transform your old clothes!!


  1. Thank you for all these tips ???

  2. She is so beautiful and is really energetic…are you on musically?

  3. Thanks for all the advices you are very creative!

  4. I don't mind ads.
    I don't mind buffering
    But when ads buffer..
    That's when I suffer.

  5. Your the best thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????

  6. I enjoy your videos very much just a little bit of constructive criticism  is to cut down your intro time, I enjoy the hacks,but find myself bored with the long intros. Thanks! <3

  7. I love her but it took her 3 minutes to explain an app

  8. hi!!!!! love your videos soooooo much! ? hehe and I love you too!

  9. Amazing video!! This is so creative. Your The Best!!! These are so simple and easy DIYs

  10. Hey guys I feel like shit ?

  11. Half of this video was spent on her talking about that app

  12. your actually rely helpful unlike other you tubers….

  13. thank you for this video omg

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