Target Glutes & Waist: 5 Must-Do Bodyweight Exercises For Women

If you’re looking for a new bodyweight routine that will hit your glutes and waist efficiently, you should try this one. Every muscle in your body is going feel it, and leave you feeling and looking more sculpted when done consistently. You can even combine this routine with any other workout on this channel, if you really want “level up” your challenge.

Give it a try! 🙂


  1. going to try this I'll give an update in 6 days

  2. Love this ??

  3. Y'all please do one on lifting up chest and breasts…, thank you

  4. Workout Buddy In Need!!! Add my insta– xx.monroy.xx and dm me!!

  5. Trying this for 2 weeks
    Day 1: I felt the burn and I feel like giving up.
    Day 2: I could barely do it and also felt the burn

  6. Awesome workout ?keep up the good work
    We have an awesome glute workout dropping on Wednesday; hope you check it out if you have a min ?

  7. Anyone wanna workout buddy ? Drop insta or snap in comments?

  8. after how many weeks I will get results? will it make my butt larger and plumped?

  9. Can y'all please do like a stretching video to warm up


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