Taylor Momsen Dark Grunge Makeup Tutorial


  1. I love you so much your so pretty ugh you slay ?

  2. I love your hair, this is my favorite video, your are so pretty y love your channel

  3. Ok i actually tried and failed, I used black and brown but somehow i didnt look cute like hers ??

  4. I really want to wear it but i have glasses and i think they will ruin it :/

  5. what hair dye did you used to use in this? I love itx

  6. Hello, can you write contour palette name?

  7. IDK if you're tall enough but if you are you should model.

  8. can you make more tutorials like girly make up tutorials with pink, green, and blue eye shadow?.

  9. I just cant stop looking at your eyes

  10. واااو مشالله تبارك الله Wow

  11. What shade was the foundation? x

  12. Wow good tutorial I loved it! but reminded me of Simone Simons c:
    I like the color of your hair in this video … what dye is?

  13. taylor doesn't wear any red lipstick…if it was a nude tone, it'd be better

  14. Taylor momsen is perfect and I love your hair color, what is it called if you don't mind me asking?

  15. i love the style of Taylor, thanks for the video! i cant wait to try it, greetings from Honduras 😉

  16. i really love your make up tutorials it so easy to follow! your face is so sexy <3

  17. The lights are a little harsh.

  18. She doesn't even need foundation

  19. I think …. Well, I think the lips are too light 😀

    God, I love your cheekbones 😮

  20. omg your so pretty even without makeup!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I only just found your channel and you've got a new sub:)
    Your videos are brilliant!! Very well edited, great music and awesome content.
    Plus you're absolutely gorgeous & British – like mee


  23. hello ive just uploaded my first video its kind of grunge inspired but remember its not a grunge look its just INSPIRED by the grunge look . Please check it out people. the quality isnt great but I;m just a beginner!

  24. You kind of look like Nina Nesbit. Could you do a makeup look inspired by her?

  25. This isn't grunge. This is a rock n roll look

  26. your eyes are gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous <3

  27. What shade is your mac foundation? I need a new shade of it and it needs to be pale xD

  28. Hi. I'm Natalie, I'm 15 years old and I make make up tutorials. I would really appreciate if you could go check out my new grunge inspired tutorial and give me any feedback you might have. Also a sub couldn't hurt? <3. 

  29. I really like how you use high street brands because tbh not many people can afford all the high end make up! THANK YOU?

  30. Thank you so much, I love this look! I'm definitely subscribing ?

  31. Very Stunning Love! ((: what is the song you have playing in the background?

  32. This a great make up look! I love it however I don't know if I'd class it as "Taylor Momsen" make, her eye shadow tends to be a lot darker and heavier

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