Ever wonder what’s in your closet that you shouldn’t be keeping? Do you wish your closet was more organized? Here are TEN THINGS that you probably have but DON’T need in your closet! Give this video a thumbs to let me know if you like it!

hey guys! It’s almost the new year + everyone wants to start it off as the best version of themselves. Today’s video is an organization video showing you the top TEN things that you DON’T need in your closet! These tips will help you organize your clothes into things that you actually need + rewear vs things that you might just be holding on to. Closet storage + organization can do so much for your mindset- declutter your closet, declutter your life!


  1. Things that don’t fit you
  2. Things you haven’t worn [for years, tags still on, etc]
  3. Things that are out of style
  4. Things you feel like you have to keep
  5. Things that are damaged
  6. Things that are stained
  7. Things that are painful
  8. One time sentimental pieces
  9. Things with bad memories
  10. Things you say you might wear- but never do

What I’m Wearing:


  1. Some ppl should stop complaining so much about YouTube videos because they're just YouTube videos. I'm not rich at all I'm on a super tight budget i have less than $50 a month after paying my bills I have never had expensive things but hey I like her videos and I enjoy watching them even though I can't even buy anything at all ppl need to stop w their negativity for real. If you don't like it don't watch it no one is forcing you

  2. This is primarily a Youtuber problem lol you guys have so much money thrown at you that you don't know what to do with it but for us plebeians, we would die to have half the things you can afford to have.

  3. One of the best sites I have visited…not just shop…but even craft what you shop from scratch…….beautiful
    Shop for anything or everything—-choose what u want or -customise it in your own style —–thIs is an amazing site…..just splendid…..see for yourself…….

  4. Throw away a pair of louboutin shoes? Must be nice to be so privileged to afford to buy them just to throw them away. That's carelessness… not decluttering your wardrobe.
    There are so many ways to reduce pain while wearing heels.
    This is the first and the last video.

  5. why would you get rid of your hips ? Thats the most feminine thing

  6. please donate your old clothes to me ?

  7. "Happy birthday, have a child"

  8. i feel like she wears all neutral colors haha but its so cute my wardrobe is a messs???love the video

  9. i try to sell everything that i don't want so that i won't feel bad for wasting money

  10. so… i would not have anything in my closet after this? lol

  11. Ur wardrobe is all black gray and white lmao

  12. A lot of sorry ass comments. Shes just giving advice according to what she's learned. Take what you can and ignore the rest. No need to be mean just because she's got more money damn

  13. Fuck you all if she wants to not wear color it's her fucking style and her fucking life and you have nothing to do with it
    And its not like your money she is wasting on expensive shit

  14. Me : * watches this video and gets super motivated *
    Me : * goes to closet – i can never give you up my babies *
    Me : * never wears those fucking babies *

  15. or you can up cycle clothing items like shirts

  16. Wow, why are there so many negative comments?! Yes, she has a monochromatic wardrobe… It's very stylish, and it's HER PREROGATIVE. Also, just because someone makes a closet decluttering video does NOT mean they are rich. She seems to be well-off, but it's likely the result of hard work and being a boss lady. Being "organized" and "minimalist" are not wealthy qualities…. Everyone can benefit from decluttering and cleaning up. Sheeeesh

  17. Now the hard part, finding the motivation to do it…

  18. What does she do for work? She seems like she has a nice, organized life

  19. I'd ditch the hat you wear in this video lol

  20. I love her but I didn't see many colourful clothes in her wardrobe

  21. these comments are cancer. had to stop reading them because they were pissing me off.

  22. Where are the coloured pieces in the pile of 'no' clothes coming from?!?! Where?!?! ?

  23. I agree ! Feels so good to declutter and donate !

  24. omg I need this 'get rid of it' motivation to lose weight

  25. for bridesmaid dresses you could always keep it in a chest

  26. I totally just cleaned out my closet

  27. This is advice for people with massive disposable income…

  28. Hahaha, what am I going to wear now?

  29. Clothing with rips and holes can be sewn up or up cycled. If you try up cycling it and you don't like it, then it's time to sell/donate it. If you have clothes with stains, keep the ones that aren't too bad and use them when you garden, craft, sleep, etc. or you could up cycle them too. For example, if you spilled paint on some jeans you'd still like to wear, you could distress them in the areas there's paint. Or recycle your old clothes by making a blanket like thing that you could use to protect surfaces when you craft or paint. Never throw away clothes unless they're shoes, underwear, or socks that are too ragged to reuse or donate.

  30. this inspires me to clean out my closet…but simply saying it and doing it are two completely different things. I have faith though. I have faith.

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