Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Noodle Salad | Gordon Ramsay


  1. Did anyone else cringe at 8:05 when you hear the forks scratch the plates?

  2. What if his girl dropped the salmon?

  3. What the sauce give to girl smell please ??

  4. 2 in the front 1 behind that’s what she said ?

  5. Did tilly make an rkelly joke

  6. "How long does it take for the carrots to cook?"
    Bruhh they are vegetables u don't need to cook them

  7. Meanwhile jamies son pisses in the backyard.

  8. 641 Salmon disliked this video

  9. I bet when the kids go to school , they have fancy steak with salad on the side with smoke salmon .And the other kids just have a peanut butter sandwich.

  10. His daughter is so cute and mature Fir cooking

  11. Watching Gordon make food is like heaven

  12. If he were my dad, I would have been one heck of a chef like him. Love his recipes!

  13. They made 4 pieces of salmon for 5 people wth

  14. it's raw, blend, disgusting. zzzz

  15. 5:05 he does the awkward laugh parents do when a kid says something reeaalllyyy messed up

  16. my head spinning bad watching this, thanks, camera man!


  18. Hope the kids are greatful for having such a great chef for a dad.

  19. Hello Gordon. After looking at so many videos and applying your advise, on food over the years, I must complement you. You truly are the best chef I've ever seen. Your passion for precise results, meticulous performance and fabulous food exceeds your reputation. You may never read, see or look at this comment, but should you do, we here in New Zealand applaud you. May your skills and imagination to truly fine food and incredible cuisine always drive us forward. Well presented.

  20. How to speak like Gordon Ramsay

    Doesn't it x 99999999

  21. You people eat so less… I would have ate all of those alone,??

  22. gordon's kids are lucky bcuz he makes vedgies taste good…

  23. Jordon ramsay daughter is so adorable

  24. Before i die would like to taste one of his dishes

  25. I'm dieting right now, glad I found a meal I can actually eat, looks delicious.

  26. I like salmon but somethings wrong with the Water …..I miss that taste

  27. i just dont know why.. but i like this kid rather than her older brother & sisters.. she's cute, she can cook, she has her own food chanel and blog.. and who doesnt like tilly, right???

  28. I bet Nino would like that Lemon shower!

  29. He is a chef and he takes his time to teach his children he is very patient and let them actually cook the food great dad and great Chef ?

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