Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today’s video is another testing one brand makeup video! Today I’m testing out makeup revolution which is a cheap drugstore brand! I hope you guys enjoy this video and find it helpful! – Roxi


    • What camera do you use?
      Sony A7s ii
    • What editing software do you use?
      Final Cut Pro
    • What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
      Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
    • Where are you from?
      I am living in the United Kingdom.


  1. My fave make up EVERRRRRR ??

  2. Can you please do a testing of jeffree star cosmetics makeup?? Thank you!! All the love ❤️

  3. U need to try the ultra contour palette from makeup revolution ?

  4. you said you'd have the exact price of that highlighter in the description but it's not there 🙁

  5. I'm so gonna purchase some of that make up??

  6. omg I love the look, will defo try the products

  7. I think you should do applying makeup with paint brushes ?

  8. Wth I never knew she was wearing foundation at the start ??❤

  9. Roxy I love your videos but I don't like how you have captioned the video . not everyone had a afford high end makeup and the revolution is a common brand I don't think it's cheap drugstore make up no hate just saying ❤️

  10. could u do a full face using collection please?
    I have there bronzes (which is MASSIVE) and there foundation and I LOVE them!!!

  11. I like this Polish girl !!!
    Regards from Lithuania !!!

  12. I have the Kat Von d shade of light palette and it I literally identical !?

  13. @Roxxsaurus what foundation did you use?

  14. Why you delete this info that you're from Poland ?

  15. Why you have deleted info that you come from Poland from your infobar?

  16. The contour palette looks so plastic-like kind of like kids makeup

  17. makeup is your thing babe? keep up the good work.❤?

  18. I filmed one of these videos a few months ago and I fell in love with the brand!! ?????

  19. can you try testing i heart makeup ???

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