• PS Stay All Day Primer
  • PS Strobing Highlighter Cream*
  • PS Stippling Brush*
  • PS Foundation Stick in Medium
  • PS Concealor
  • PS Loose Face Powder in Light
  • PS Brow Kit
  • PS Contour Kit
  • PS Blusher
  • PS Nude Collection (loved the highlight)
  • PS Amplified Mascara*
  • PS Full Look False Lashes
  • PS Lipliner in Nude*
  • PS Velvet Matte Crayon in Ballerina*
  • PS Super Matte Lipstick in Karla*

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  1. Woah I thought your lashes were fake when you applied the mascara

  2. Omg you look sooooo young xx

  3. omg i was here before u reached a million?

  4. Hi love your videos could you do a dollywood boutique tutorial they do loads of makeup eye shadows lovr wat hing you x

  5. Highlight is £2 xx we have the same one but mines pink is white with a tilt of pink

  6. that eyeliner game tho, soooo gooood

  7. I was thinking on buying Primark makeup and I thought that if I buy it, it would be cheap and crap, so I'm watching loads of YouTube videos on Primark makeup so I don't get ripped off… LOL. ??♥️???

  8. I never thought primak makeup was good i thought it was just tacky

  9. That lipstick color looks perfect on you!

  10. That colour for the lip is sooo good on you

  11. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like her mouth in this?

  12. Her skin is just amazing!!

  13. I love this u soooo much more than wht u look like now


  15. Your. Make up is soo good plus u are so pretty

  16. jordan you made it turn so good

  17. Ur skin ur eyebrows ur tan ur nails ur hair ur everything is perfect ????

  18. Your so beautiful btw I love that hair and wears it from??

  19. I think she looks like tessa brookes

  20. If there is a girl who use lighter foundation to lighten her skin there were tons of comment like love u skin color etc…but when a white girl apply tan its complety fine

    Nd sorry for bad english ..m indian

  21. Very pretty :)) your eyes and lips look great x

  22. Orange body pale face but i love how u bkend ur make up to match ur hand colour

  23. Love your videos so tempted to try primark makeup! ✨
    Love your channel I've just done a full face of drugstore video if anyone wants to click through and watch ?

  24. Just watching all of your videos until 5am today ?? but kinda looking forward to it haha. Love your channel Xx

  25. Can U test essence makeup xx

  26. Your skin is beautiful do you have a skincare routine ? My skins been randomly breaking out and I have no idea whyy

  27. You're nearly at 1 mil
    Come on you can do it !!

  28. How much did you spend you look amazing xxx

  29. When I was little I thought you were supposed to put lip liner outside of your lips to outline them?

  30. Ur skin is so clear ur so pretty ❤️I'm jealous ?❤️

  31. You should test out Boots No. 7 Makeup!!

  32. It looks amazing! Your too beautiful ?

  33. Apparently there's this on cameras that has a filter on it to make you look flawless but i do genuinely believe that you are flawless

  34. Ur so pretty ?? ur a expert at makeup

  35. so pretty with a naked face!!!

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