Testing The Simply Neat Miracle Mat For Nail Art!


  • Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat
  • Essie ‘Stripes and Sails’
  • Essie Matte Me Crazy Top Coat
  • KL Polish ‘Chloe’
  • KL Polish ‘Gum Would Be Perfection’
  • Maxus Top Coat
  • Decor from eBay

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, April, and Becca have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every Monday.


  1. I have this mat and absolutely love it. This video gave me more ideas on how I can use it!

  2. Love this, one thing i would say, for those with really curvy nails it is better to use clear polish instead of top coat to make the decal, that way it bends better

  3. At this point i need the mat the gems the stamper… eveything lol

  4. Looks like the decals on the top row without the base coat are just floating on the mat. They don't look like they are stuck at all

  5. I think I’ll have to look into getting one of these. I usually use a bag for this, but the mat looks so much better

  6. Hi can you use Gel polish on the mat

  7. OMG this mat looks amazing and so does that design! I might get the mat because it'll seriously help me because I am bad at nail art but this will hopefully make it easier ????❤️

  8. It looks annoying trying to get the decals on.

  9. I have two silicone nail mats, one small ~6" x 10", and a large one similar to this one, but it has a collapsible cup that pops up for water marbling. I've been too afraid to try water marbling so far, so I just use it either as a little palette or an embellishment holder like the little flat rings on this mat. I really like the mats a lot, and they protect the finish on my furniture really well.

  10. Sold! I just ordered one. I stopped doing nail art because it was difficult and messy with inconsistent results. I'm hoping this helps. Nail art is fun if it looks good.

  11. How thick is it compared to the UberChic mat?

  12. Where is the stamp nail plate from?

  13. Can we use Base Coat as Top Coat on that Miracle Mat?

  14. anyone know what the pink glitter nail polish color is?

  15. I need this mat. Also, cutepolish, your vids are amazing. Have you ever considered doing a giveaway?

  16. Love that nail design so cute! ? Been in the market for a new nail mat so this is perfect, thanks for showing us different ways to use it and details about it!

  17. What do u use for a scraper and stamper

  18. You got have a liquid nail polish for nail stamping like pure ice

  19. Hi love it???thank you for sharing?

  20. I've been thinking of getting this mat for a while. I'm gonna buy it later when I decide what else to buy with it 😀

  21. I have a mat, and the tape polish pick up tip was great!!! I LOVED the fern decals. TFS!

  22. When you were pressing the decals onto the top coat were you using quick dry top coat or regular?

  23. OMG the ring finger’s base colour is awesome?

  24. Love you all! Another great video! Love it ❤️

  25. speechless . u have such a great talent

  26. I cannot believe this mat is only 10 bucks on Amazon! The cheapest I found it before was over $20 I think. I've been wanting this particular mat for months. Definitely have to have this!

  27. I have a nail mat it’s the best ?

  28. This was one of the most helpful videos I've seen. I already use the mat, but you showed me all kinds of new uses for it. The how to on decals was a great bonus – it answered several questions that weren't covered by decal videos I've watched. Thank you! You are all so helpful.

  29. How do you avoid the white residue on the nail stamping pallet? Or how do you get rid of it??? Very informative video, thank you so much!!

  30. I just love the way u design your nails ? and i am totally inspired buy u guys and i have only learned nail art from your videos thank u ?✨??

  31. Best video I've seen on this. Thanks!

  32. Hi can I use a regular nail polish on the stamping plate?


  34. Although you were highlighting the features of the mat (which I appreciated), your nail decal instructions were SPOT ON! Thanks! ??

  35. The designs are really pretty!❤❤

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