In today’s video, I’ll be testing the WEIRDEST brow product I’ve ever seen: BROW CUSHION. Like foundation cushion… but for your eyebrows!! WHAT?! Iconic London promises this will be your favorite brow product for realistic, hair-like strokes… but is that all true? Do you think it works? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!!

  • The ICONIC London Brow Cushion is available → here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. Cushion products have been around much longer, just not on the western market. There are also cushion versions of sunscreen, colour corrector, blush, highlighter, contour and probably more.

  3. What brushes are you using on the eyebrow?

  4. "Or you can send signals to Mars" damn right. lol! I love you Nikkie! BTW where are your earrings from? I'm loving them too!

  5. “Babe!” “Yeah” “I’m braking up with you and marrying this product!!”

  6. do new video with your boyfriend pls

  7. Trang điểm đậm nhưng đẹp ???

  8. I personally think she suits those dark brows? ?

  9. Nikki, tutorial video please for the the eye look. Love your sense of humor ever!

  10. A brunette Nikkie is what I need

  11. actually cushion brow products have been put out from Korean brand Laneige! also we have liquid eye liner in a cushion too!! can you try them out and do a Korean brand haul review plz! from your dear fan in Korea??❤️❤️❤️??????????

  12. I was nervous about how dark they were till you added the eye in. BUT SLAY GIRL SLAY! you could cut someone with how SHARP your brows are!! ?

  13. "or you can send signal to mars" goshhh i love this girl :')

  14. *omg almost 8 mill subscribers!!!!!??*

  15. I thought laneige was the one that done this before in Korea?

  16. I am following you for such a long time now … and I guess I never worte a comment, but I just feel like telling you RIGHT NOW, That you're ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and I love your make up style so, so much, even though I am personally more into natural looks, but HOLY, I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! 😀 Keep up the great work, you're absolutely amazing!

  17. Nikkie you were on fire in this video! ?

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