• ►Deva Curl No Poo Decadence Milk Cleanser: Here
  • ►Shea Moisture High Porosity Masque: Here
  • ►Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In: Here
  • ►Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Gel: Here
  • ►Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control: Here
  • ►Edge Brush: Here
  • ►Curlipops Diffuser: Here
  • ►Ouidad Flexible Hold Spray: Here


  1. Thank You So Much!!!! I feel validated! I thought I was the only person that didnt like the white peony leave in, I too am high porosity! New Sub!!!

  2. Here from niecey channel but I'm Already a subscriber!!!!!!!!

  3. The peony leave in is really good in the summertime ☺️

  4. The white peony leave in did nothing for me either.

  5. I'm here from Neiicy's channel. New subbie here!

  6. Hi i follow neicy love your video as well you and her have different hair types so was good to see the products on diff hair

  7. Hey girl! I’m here from Neiicey’s channel, I love your curls and haircut! ?

  8. I can only find the Moisture seal masque…oh well

  9. You are absolutely amazing!

    I just have a quick question, do you use final cut pro to edit your thumbnails? If not, what do you use to edit your thumbnails?

    Thank you! & keep up all your hard work! I'm loving the new hair color and hair cut!

  10. Beautiful hair,eyelashes,great vid.

  11. Just came from neiiceys channel ! Both y’all curls poppin! I’m gonna have to try these now.

  12. i love your hairrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

  13. Curls poppinnnn. Are you from Baltimore?

  14. I’ve been following y’all both for so long

  15. ???your hair with that deep conditioner???

  16. Neiicey sent me and I’m so happy. We have like the same texture! ??

  17. From Neicy's channel. Loved you video.

  18. Heyyy ?? here from niecy’s channel. Love your cut! and scrolling through catching up on you vids now ?

  19. Hello, Neiicy brought me here. Your hair turned out very cute!

  20. Neiicy brought me here & i fell in love!! I hate my hair right now but this is giving me motivation !!

  21. I like the argan oil edgr control

  22. Here from Neiceys video ! I have the same hair texture but I have never been able to get my curls to pop like yours in my life ! Looking forward to looking through your videos new subbie

  23. Here from @NaturalNeiicey channel. Your hair results are beautiful, face is slayed ?? I appreciate your honest opinions about the products.

  24. New SUBBIE thanks to Niecy.. loved your video !!!

  25. Yes I am a Natural Neiicey subscriber. ?

  26. Your hair came out so bomb!!!

  27. Beautiful and Im subscribe to both your channels already ?

  28. I'm here
    from Neicy's channel and I love your curls. The styler you used to make your curls pop, did it leave a cast on your hair or does it leave your hair soft? I was asking because I want to try it but I want my curls soft. Also I loved the video.

  29. New subscriber, from natural neiicey.

  30. – I came here from Neiicey's channel, and your hair turned out great! Great video, Kaice! ??

  31. Finally getting to watch your video since I’ve been travelling! LOVE how your hair came out, so happy we got to collaborate! ??

  32. I'm here from Neiicy! Love your hair!!!

  33. New sub from Neiicey channel..your curls are beautiful ?

  34. LOOOOOOOOOVE your hair fam! Such a great video!

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