Testing Weird Hair Rollers from WISH (Pulled out my hair?!!)

Today we’re testing weird hair rollers from WISH, and yeah, I may have lost a chunk of hair in the process ? My biggest question when I saw these rollers on wish.com was “does it work??” so I’m putting them to the test in this video with a series of heatless curls! We’ve got everything from waves to super tight curls here, so let’s see how it goes!


  1. Hi Kayley, I really like these testing my things out style of videos! They are really fun!

  2. more tutorials for hair at work! I use hairnet at work and I am tired of same messy bun…

  3. Those straw curls are just like my natural hair – would love to see some hairdos with them – it's so hard to do anything intricate in curly hair as it just gets lost!

  4. I love the tight curls with the straws!
    my hair is super long…I wonder how that would look on my hair…

  5. Fun and a little bit edgy hairstyles for going out so not formal, but like when you do different stuff aswell

  6. What's in your bag? A day in your life?

  7. I really enjoyed your video on star wars and GOT hair styles , I'm not sure if your that interested in movies/tv shows, but I think it'd be cool to maybe see some more based on films and tv series?? kinda like binging with babish but hair instead of food? idk

  8. My sis and I DEFINITELY are going to try out those straw curls! Love how it looked on your hair!!!

  9. My hair is SOOO thick i would need to order like 5 or 6 bags of each thing lol I hate my hair so much … it actually takes 10 hours to dry with no heat

  10. Can you do more no heat curls? 🙂

  11. I want to see more videos for a week of hairstyles plzzzzzz

  12. I'd love to see more testing videos!!!

  13. I'd love to see more ways to create the "natural" tight curls! ?

  14. Short hair hairstyles for different occasions please

  15. I'd love to see some Viking hair tutorials! Also really love your 'get ready with me' vids 🙂

  16. can you PLEASE do a in depth french braid tutorial for on yourself??? i can french braid on other people so freaking well and i can do dutch easily on myself and other ppl but i can’t get the gripping right on myself and i have lowkey been waiting to see if you would do it and you haven’t!!!!!!

  17. I'd love to see more hairstyles for curly hair!!

  18. The second looks great on you

  19. I really would like everyday hairstyles for summer!! Awesome video i like it!

  20. The tight curls made you look like Keri Russell from early felicity. Was great to see all these options tested out, thankyou

  21. Age of adeline hair! or easy vintage hair are things i'd like to see

  22. i'm honestly more impressed by your arm muscles than the curlers ???

  23. i love the spiral curler but really an hour??? please make a tutorial using the straws

  24. She kinda look and sound like rossana pansino..Is is just me?

  25. I am loving the mix of videos atm!

  26. Please don’t use disposable plastic straws! Such a waste! We have to reduce our disposable plastic use!

  27. Kayley, your hair was too wet…it's actually better to wet each strand individually and don't aim for wet hair you need it do be damp and spraying it no more than 5 times would do the job…then add the roller and your hair won't be so wet ❤❤❤❤

  28. I really loved the scrunches video! So more hairstyle plus styling videos would be fun. But you’ve also just seemed more relaxed and genuine in recent videos in general which has made everything great!

  29. Hi Kayley! I like the videos that you are just yourself. I think a lot of us watch cause we just love your personality. Thank you for working so hard to make your channel so awesome! I personally would love outfit, fashion tips. What do I pair with what? I'd love to see some ways you organize your time, work out tips, food prep tips, confidence tips. Just some ideas, thank you for asking us!!! We all totally love you girl, you rock and make us so happy!!! ???

  30. The green background is giving me classic LetsMakeItUp vibes ☺️

  31. Kayley, where did you get your hair bonnet? I need one and I can't find any that seem of decent quality like yours!

  32. Runs to the store to buy straws OMG! I loved the old School Taylor Swift look! It’s so freaking pretty! And the last look I loved as well. Now I kinda wanna try the strawberries. I love when you can wake up with a hairstyle you don’t have to spend a lot of time on, that’s what I call real magic! ?

  33. I think some more collabs would be awesome! I noticed in one of Safiya's videos that you guys were friends, and maybe even one with Cristine? as you are evidently a holosexual.

  34. I would love to see ‘ 7days of ‘ hairstyles videos because it helps me get more organised for the week to come!love you kayley❤️??

  35. I’d love to see more school hairstyles! My school makes us have our hair out which means less creative freedom and I don’t really have an hour to do a pretty braid every day…so that would be nice!

  36. I really enjoy watching your videos and I was if you could please do are video for people who have curly hair? Thank you for your consideration. Have a good day

  37. I’d love to see how long you can keep the tight curls if you don’t wash it. I feel like it’d get real frizzy after you sleep on it. If anything, perhaps a video on styles you can incorporate on day 2 and day 3 with the tight curls?

  38. Please can you do a French fishtail braid tutorial

  39. You should definitely do a video just for the second curl style. It looked so good!

  40. U should do trying weird hair products like if u agree

  41. Hey, love your video’s ❤️ Been watching and recreating for a few years now! These are the things I would like to see:
    * More videos without hair extensions, so they are easier to recreate ?
    * 50’s vintage hairstyles
    * Beach waves tutorial and hairstyles (without heat)

    Thanks so much for making such amazing videos!!!

  42. It feels like there are real retro (90s type thing) and kinda vintagey fashion vibes going on right now so would LOVE some cute hair styles to match it x

  43. There is a hack that I've learnt for the first one

  44. Oh my god I have the first one

  45. It would be great to see more five minutes hairstyles. Maybe 7 days of five minutes hairstyles?

  46. Hi kayley. Great video! I was wondering, did you use any products in your hair to stop it from getting frizzy after you opened the curls? Because everytime I curl my hair with a heatless method, it tends to stay a bit frizzy.

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