Textured Butterfly Wing Nails!

Nail Art for Spring: Textured Butterfly Nails!

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strengthener
  • Nicole by OPI Rock The Look
  • Formula X Dark Matter
  • OPI Alpine Snow

Love you guys so much! Can’t wait to see your recreation! x


  1. Where can you get the textured nail polish and so cute do dog nails that would be so cute?

  2. no offense but I don't like how it's textured?

  3. do the textured nail polish cost more??

  4. Can you please try to make a nail art design for teddy bears plz plz plz plz plz. <3

  5. the texture looks too chunky, like gravel. i would never want that on my hands

  6. This nail art is so pretty I love this so much xxxx

  7. I've seen those at my ulta store

  8. +Girlofpages you can use salt to make it look texturized
    Hope that helps…

  9. This is a gorgeous design! Will be trying this one soon.

  10. Hi Sandi!!! If I use thé sugar nail art ,it will work just as well??:3

  11. I don't have a sponge or striper or anything HELP

  12. No le entendi una mierda pero me gusto

  13. Help me.. I don't know why always this happens? When I use white polish over another base it turns into that colour.. Please help me!! Any tips and the reason this would happen??

  14. Where did you get the textured polish?

  15. My textured polish got mixed up with my sisters acrylic primer and conveniently butternut squash soup! She was eating, painting her nails using acrylic primer and somehow she spilled it in their!!! Then she didn't tell me until I saw it for myself! Ugh…nail art and sisters don't mix well….

  16. Your really good at making your nails.

  17. Luv your videos but what design is your favorite?

  18. How do you do all your cool camera effects the butterflies flying in in the beginning was so pretty and neat

  19. Wow!Great video!It was so cool!

  20. am I the only one who smelt the nail polish ? I feel like it would smell and taste really nice… and it was pink so yeah.

  21. Let's see what I can dig up to try this out. Might have to use a pencil careful to make the stripes. D:

  22. As you say, that texture nail polish is so awesome. It gives an awesome look!

  23. OMG u have more subs then cinnamontoastken!!! Good job

  24. I don't see how using a topcoat would ruin the texture if she put black polish on top and it didn't ruin ?

  25. Where do you usually get your polish?

  26. Would you be able to use the Sally Hansen sugar coat nails polishes for this

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