Textured Glitter – Crushed Diamond Powders

Suzie has fun trying some brand-new dazzlingTextured Glitters: Diamond Story – Crushed Diamond Powders from Exclusive Nail Couture.

Products Featured in this Video:

ShineE Gel
Diamond Story – Crushed Diamond Powders
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  1. Have you all notice that Susie never answers comments

  2. Wwwwoooooooooowwwwwww those look amazing ??! Love you nail career education

  3. I can't believe you were there and I didn't see you!!? I modeled at the show!

  4. I know you don't necessarily have to but could I use a topcoat if I wanted to? I'm not a fan of the texture

  5. Wow.stunning.great job. tfs

  6. Who else thinks she should do some H?L?

    With cristien

  7. I'm confused; you have gold nails that look exactly like the gold powder yet you say the gentleman did your nails with the almost translucent glitter?

  8. I love the way she does her nails

  9. I just did the textured glitter nail and it worked!!!! My daughter is getting ready to go to her first concert and this is the look that she wanted. Thanks to you I NAILED it!!!!

  10. I agree with Camera man it does look like black substrate! I have white substrate in my aquariums haha

  11. can you put this on natural nails?

  12. Is it just me or does Camera Man sound a bit like Patrick Warburton?

  13. Does anyone know what color acrylic is on her nails before the glitter??

  14. I love you & all the videos! What I've been wondering is WHAT KIND OF A BRUSH are you using? I can't seem to be find a cool brush…and it's even harder to find one online.

  15. That is gorgeous. I love sparkly things so this is definitely something I'm going to try.

  16. an you please send me some nail art supplies I'm 12 and I love doing nails but I don't have much

  17. omg you were right by me in cali!!! shucks. love yaaaa

  18. can you put a link down blow for where we can get the textured glitter

  19. Camera man had a great question for the "non-nail" wearing manly man!!!

  20. I LOVE that less yellow gold. SO pretty.

  21. Hey Suzie, how would you remove the glitter from the underside of your nail? I don't have a drill sadly and I'm doing it on acrylics so I can't soak it in acetone 🙁

  22. Im a boy that wants long french fade normal nails but im scared of what ppl say what do you think??

  23. Suzie can you PLEASEE swatch all of them?? I'm dying to see the white, snowy one

  24. she says it can get a little messy but she's literally the most neat and clean person even with dip powders. other people get the glitter ALL OVER the table, in clumps or spillovers from the container. that's messy. with suzie, it's like "what? what mess? i don't see anything except a pristine white surface and a beautiful nail!"

  25. Thank you for all your beautiful videos Suzie

  26. Those are bloody HOLO!!!!!! @Simplynailogical!!!!!

  27. is the glitter Holo because if not then they aren't that good

  28. Shed? It's not an animal! Lmfao

  29. do you need the light? or can you just wait for it to cure (?) I'm a newbie and was just curious.

  30. That pink is pretty, almost like a rose gold. That's what I would get.

  31. Suzie, you NEED to react to some of SimplyNailogical's videos!!!! It would be really funny

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