The 2 Minute Hairstyle Challenge with Twist Me Pretty

My first challenge video! Doing a 2 minute hairstyle challenge with Abby from Twist Me Pretty! I really wanted to do a new kind of challenge video for us hair girls! So we decided to try easy two minute hair styles. I feel like most of us live this challenge every morning! Maybe the styles we did can help inspire you next time you’re in a mad rush to get your hair ready for school, work, or going out! Obviously, braids, ponytails, buns, and updos are a great way to go, so heres what Abby and I did in this collab!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: Garage
  • Lips: Colourpop Lippiestix in Bichette


  1. “Let the record show that she let me cheat so it’s her fault” Kayleys face ?

  2. Plz do another video together

  3. Mon dieu, en deux minutes elle fait des trucs plus Jolie que moi en 35 minutes ?

  4. What are those high lights called girl in red and blue

  5. You should do workout hairstyles for short/medium hair

  6. Kayley I love your videos they inspire me for example in your heatless hair for a week video I did Monday on august 31 Wednesday. and if you are wondering I am a=watching this video at 9:34 pm.

  7. i love how down to earth these two are…. theyre so nice :DDDD

  8. This is a really awesome idea!! And I loved it!!

  9. I would never be able to this. It just the pressure!

  10. when i read the title i thought it was going to be doing each others hair

  11. This is a great idea, hairstyle challenges!

    You should do a challenge where you each pick a tutorial from your list on the lines of "5 minutes hairstyle" and the other one has to try and recreate it in that time (but without watching the instructions). Just set the timer and see which one does it better!

    You guys are both great! =) a lace braid like that would take me minimum 15 mins to do u.u

  12. OMG I'm a hardcore perfectionist too!!!

  13. 2 of my most favorite hair gurus in one video. My heart is rejoicing.

  14. I can barely put my hair in a ponytail in 2 minutes ??

  15. She's getting pretty close to 1 million subscribers! I love this channel!

  16. What about hairstyles without braids

  17. Hi Kayley! I was wondering if you could do a video on the hairstyle that Twist Me Pretty did on the 2nd round. It looked really cool so I was wondering how to do it.

  18. Two of my favorite hairstylists did a video together?! To good to be true! I love both of you guys. <3

  19. Loved it so much! You gotta do more of those!

  20. this is one of the best feel-good vids I've seen so far!! you two are amazing 🙂 +twistmepretty +kayleymelissa

  21. Could you do a series of vintage hairdos please ?

  22. Please could you do a hair tutorial for Lana from season 2 (Asylum) of American Horror Story? I'm going to my friends birthday next month and it's American Horror Story themed and I need help ??

  23. kayley do you have any recommendations on curing dry scalp and or dry hair ?

  24. You are so close to 1 million subscribers! You deserve so much more

  25. Is it just me or does she (Kayley) look like Bridgit Mendler?

  26. you guys are like twins!! gorgeous!!

  27. PLZ DONT TAKE THIS AS OFFENSIVE but could you Shakira curl your hair then do a hair style? You know for all you natural curly haired fans?

  28. Maybe the G in chignon is pronounced like lasagna where you don't pronounce the G but say in like " nee – ya"

  29. SUCH Fun to watch you two! MORE! 🙂

  30. Idea for a challenge. Put all your hair up with one or two bobbypins

  31. they only met today or yesterday,would you do that if she was a man ????

  32. the other girl was OK, but love the knots that Kayley did??

  33. Literally my two favorite people!!!

  34. I wanted Abby's braid to go to a wedding and the hairdresser took one hour and still couldnt get it done so good job haha

  35. Seriously one of your best videos yet! been watching you for years and i finally made my own channel keep it up kayley!

  36. Wait, did you guys really just meet that day? You seem like besties! lol This is one of the cutest, most fun videos I've seen in a long while. And the styles are absolutely lovely!

  37. This was amazing! I just uploaded hairstyle tutorial to my channel and would love for you to stop by and tell me what you think?

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