The 25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Use to Stay Toned | Class FitSugar

Victoria’s Secret models use this dance cardio workout from Body by Simone to stay toned. Get ready to have a blast while doing it.

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  1. I have never ever done any exercise, I hate it – It's my New Years resolution to start doing it. 2 days in a row I've done this video now I'm so pleased. Thanks so much for your videos, I finally have a way to exercise that's not so tedious and I can do in my bedroom haha!

  2. This dance exercise is so fun and I don’t really like moving my body at all but I enjoyed this video so much?

  3. I was a dancer for 11 years. I haven't danced in a class setting in 5 years and I miss it so much!! I've gained almost 100 lbs since I stopped dance and started recently working out again. This video was so amazing and I'm so happy to be bringing back dance into my life! I'll definitely be doing this workout again!

  4. Goodness gracious those shiny sexy black yoga pants o my goodness lol

  5. ???
    I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

  6. Crazy….. But funny… I like it

  7. Holy shit I cant handle her saying "GA GA GA GA GA" any longer

  8. I loved this! didn't even change from my pyjamas since i thought it was just gonna be some jumping around but I regretted that quickly! Sweaty and fun 😀

  9. I love how dance workouts are exercise but still feel really fun

  10. i like it but i complete only 9 min , so sad 🙁

  11. Does this focus any on abs/flat stomach?

  12. I learned how to do it with Unflexal page. I think unflexal's guide is the best way to be salubrious.

  13. This is my New Years resolution to enjoy workout so I can keep it up for longer I love dancing and I love how you have made this enjoyable but challenging never felt this rewarded after a workout before! Thank you!!

  14. It looks like a slow motion of her real BodyBySimone 40 min dance cardio workout! Check it out it is so hard and awesome!

  15. That was so fun thanks for the workout xx

  16. I was looking to get in shape, so I started this workout a week ago. I've lost an inch around my thighs already! This workout is so much fun and I don't dread starting the video haha

  17. This was way too complicated compared to general workouts

  18. One question: how?
    Me: laying on floor within two minutes of video and then just watching the rest regretting life

  19. Eu mim identifiquei muito com os exercícios da professora Simone. Tanto esse quanto o Swety Beaty. Amei faço todos os dias. Ela é ótima e carismática. Minha nota é 1000. Amei e melhorou minha autoestima. Estou tendo vários resultados. Gosto também do Zumba. Mais esses são meus preferidos. Um abraço e muito sucesso.

  20. good job! Fantastic professional video! Go also my page!

  21. Wow I wasn't expecting to love this so much!!!! Yay!

  22. The girl on the far left reminds me of Neapolitan dynamite

  23. I love this one & her voice is so adorable!

  24. As a dancer, the "slow" tempo and "fast" tempo on the ball step portion was insanely different. This is an old video for sure, but there shouldn't be that much difference and so little time to adjust. I actually got so frustrated that I couldnt just do like the instructor that I cut the video short and stopped.

  25. Sooo  cutte .Ilove yoy and your work! Soo tanks for a good job!

  26. tomorrow is my exam. and I am watching these ladies dancing

  27. Just finished this workout. I underestimated this one because of how short the video is but here i am sweating like crazy. I LOVE IT

  28. Thank you, Simone, for doing free videos for people! They are so fun and such a great workout.  This is a perfect cardio workout if you are short on time.The PopSugar person talks over Simone a lot, though, and it makes this video a little difficult to follow along with.

  29. This cardio dance workout was amazing! I am out of breath and sweating a lot! Thanks, that was the best. Lot of love from Brazil.

  30. This convinced me to get LYPO.

  31. I started 20 minutes ago with 80 kilos…. now i'm 79.5 kg hhhhh
    If i did it every single day for just 2weeks, i could reach 70 easily….

  32. I just ate 4 cookies

  33. I have been battling depression and an eating disorder for many years and recently i have found it impossble to get up and go to the gym or even go out and run on the street. I'm usually tethered to my bedroom, I was feeling good today and decided to look online for something to do that I would enjoy and after sifting through many video I found this, I did this, and I LOVE this… thank you for this fun loving video that got me moving and SWEATING today! Looking forward to do it again tomorrow!

  34. so uncoordinated that can't do it 🙁

  35. MY FAVORITE EVER I’m sweating profusely

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