Morphe is about to launch one of their hottest eyeshadow palettes ever: the 35O-2 Second Nature palette. 35 richly pigmented, incredible eyeshadows that’ll make any warm-toned smokey eye lover out there drool. I am taking this new palette out for a spin and create this Fall, glam af makeup look!! Let’s see how it performs…


  • Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer ‣ Available Here
  • Rodial Instaglam Deluxe Bronzing Powder #3 ‣ Available Here
  • OFRA Powder Blush “Mai Tai” ‣ Available Here
  • Makeup Addiction Cosmetics Holy Glow Vol.1 ‣ Available Here


  • Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette ‣ Available Here
  • The Vamp Stamp Vink Vortex Liquid Eyeliner ‣ Available Here
  • NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner “Vivid Halo” + “Vivid Delight” ‣ Available Here
  • Lilly Lashes False Lashes “Goddess” ‣ Available Here


  • Ciate London Glitter Flip “Forbidden” ‣ Available Here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. when she added the rusty color GIRL STRAIGHT UP LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS PAINTIN HER EYELID these colors are so pigmented :'''''))))

  2. How'd she get the eyeshadow to look really clean cut? I really want to do this but I always end up looking like a raccoon

  3. Nikkie you look gorgeous. But I got this Morphe 350 W pallette n it has no pigment what so ever. I am so darn dissapionted. But Yours is so pigmented. Pls help!

  4. Nikkie! It feels like you haven’t posted a video in AGES! Nice to see you back, love this look on you!

  5. Where did you get your background from?! Is it a blanket?!?

  6. I Love You more than Anything Nikkie,but Jaclyn,ummm…nooo.I figured She had Her dishonest hands in on Thu PALLETTE somehow.

  7. You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, but MORPHE is uuuggghhhhh…"

  8. God Nikkie, your videos always get me through the holidays❤️ looking forward to your holiday glam looks omg!!

  9. you are so perfect, im obsessed!!!!!!

  10. I'm in love with it ?? I wanna recreate it. Slay it girl ??

  11. What happened to the little thing that popped up and said..pigmentation, blendability, etc…I loved that extra touch!??❤️

  12. I can not do cool tones. I've been wearing cool tones eyeshadow all day and I looked so pale, it just doesn't suit me. Plus I love the warm autumn look??

  13. I freaking love this fall af look!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Lol you’re so cute. I died when you used your glazed donut highlighter. ?✨ Slay girl!!! I am definitely using your code. I love you tons. ?

  14. Like I wasn't blinded enough from your highlighter, you decided to set your eyes on fire… girl, are you trying to cause some sort of permanent damage?

  15. Hey Nikkie – Beautiful video.  You are really an artist and your showmanship is just mesmerizing.  I love to watch your videos.  It cheers me up.

  16. Your face when putting on that Kat von D lip topper is exactly how I felt haha! Gorgeous girl!

  17. This look ???❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  18. Umm this is a look I’d wear for a plane ride ??✨

  19. I need that palette in my life! I'm definitely returning the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette back to Sephora and buying this one instead ?

  20. Wow I really can't spend money but I really need this?

  21. Still slaying tutorials.. love you NIKKIE

  22. I love you so much! Thanks to you I learned how to do my eyebrows and you keep teaching me with every video you post ? keep glowing ✨✨✨

  23. Beauty gurus be like "look at this very affordable $80 pallet" like ain't nobody who needs to save money about to drop $60+ on any kind of make up. $20 lipstick is a treat yourself. Like damn.

  24. You look great in this video! Your makeup, your hair, everything! You look like you dropped 10 kg

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