The Best Festival Hairstyles for 2018

Yep, these are the best festival hairstyles for 2018. With Coachella happening, it seemed like it was time for this hair tutorial.

I love this mix of trends. From a hair tapestry to braids to safety pins we have a little of everything! Even if you’re not heading to a festival, this would be amazing for travel + travel photos!!

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  1. The last one will become my STAPLE <3

  2. You really remind me of Melissa Joan Hart when you have a centre part! Lol

  3. These are a little out there for me, but so cool!

  4. The last one was stunning. But what glue to use? And what a festival season?

  5. Can you do more brunette hairstyles?

  6. LOVE that tapestry one! they're all so cute!

  7. it's so sad having dark brunette butt-length hair. It just hangs there, braids never show up, curls never hold, and it take 4 days to blowdry.

  8. Please do motorcycle helmet hair tutorial!

  9. i love your „….. for a week“ videos please do more of these???????

  10. Ooh wowwwwwww! I really love the threaded tapestry, worn both ways!!! I loved your diy hair tie with the stone and jewelry too! I am totally hoping to work more with threads, cord and ribbon etc. this year! I stocked up during winter online shopping. Got all kinds of every color to choose from! Lol
    Thanks, Kayley!! ? ?

  11. Hey! awesome video, such pretty styles! I was wondering if you could do a video on clubbing/going-on-a-night-out hair. I wanna look nice but also im dancing around and getting sweaty, so i always end up with a boring ponytail or my nicely done curls looking awful by the end of the night!

  12. My hair is FINALLY long enough to do styles like this & I can't wait to try these!!!! ???

  13. Ohh I looove the second one! <3

  14. "I feel like safiya Nygaard going to coachella" omg ? love you both

  15. I just love ur hairstyles ?

  16. I wish Kayley could see this. I really want a hairstyle for Cinderella 2015, most of the hairstyles you made is the animated "Cinderella". I want the Cinderella 2015 hairstyle. I beg for you to do this hairstyle.

  17. I have a question I’ve been curious about for forever: do you wear your hairstyles out or do you take them out right away? Love your videos Kayley! Been a long time viewer (since like 2011 lol)

  18. You should do hairstyles to wear in a theme park but are still insta worthy? Like for places such as Disney World or Universal studios

  19. i love ur style..i am big fan of ur style..? u r best..?

  20. U have amazing talent. Im so jealous

  21. Please! What lipstick are you wearing? It's beautiful on you!

  22. okay all of these hairstyles are so cool! the safety pin one was my favorite!

  23. I loved ALL of these!! My favorite is the bobby pin,one because it is simple, but so cool!!

  24. She reminds me so much of Melissa Benoist!!

  25. I love your videos and they’ve helped me a lot with what to do with my hair…love you so much!?

  26. Very cute! My favorite is the sparkle space buns!
    Could you do more updos with your curly wig? I am in a wedding next month where the bride wants us to wear loose updos. We are wearing 1920s vintage style dresses, and I’m lost what to do with my quite curly hair. Thanks Kaylee! ??‍♀️

  27. Your tapestry hairstyle would look cool with a braid down the center and tied off, creating your middle section.

  28. What a fun Video! I totally like your way of doing them!
    Right now I'm wearing my hair a little shorter. Could you please do a festival hairstyle tutorial especially for short hair? That would be amazing!!
    Love ya ❤️

  29. Love the editing in the intro!

  30. yess love the bloopers in the end. DO THAT in every video onwards

  31. yasss you are the QUEEN Kayley. YOU ARE THE BEST YOUTUBER(hairstylist) I've seen the most loyal with her profession/career. P.S. the lip color in the safety pin hairstyle looks bomb on you and my fav was the TAPESTRY one it was freaking easy

  32. Love you so much Kayley and all your amazing videos. ♥️

  33. Loooove the infinity braid! So versatile. Lots of love from Germany ??

  34. I love these! and some of them will work on my short-ish hair! Love you Kayley!

  35. The infinity braid with embroidery thread would be great for Pride!

  36. Love love these hairstyles.

  37. When braiding, French or Dutch, how do you get the hair at the end? I have pretty thick hair and by he time I get down to the bottom there’s way to much hair left

  38. Totes wearing the hair tapestry to the Nelsonville Music Festival!!

  39. Hey can you make a video of different ways to use a hair stick? I'm not sure if that's what it's called but I'm talking about those long pin hair ornaments that I see mostly here in Asia.. they're usually decorated with gems

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