The Best Leather Jacket Ever Ever Ever | Closet Closeup

Hi guys! I’m ready to spill the beans on one of my MOST TREASURED pieces in my entiiiiire wardrobe – my leather jacket from All Saints! I wear this and my denim jacket (also from all saints) literally every day – nothing else. It is such a high quality, buttery soft leather and the fit is absolutely perfect, not bulky at all. All Saints has leather jackets in all fits and colors – just take a browse on their website and you will be sure to fall in love with one!!

Do any of you have a leather jacket that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. You've convinced me! I'm going to go and try them on tomorrow, I've seen so many reviews and no one has anything bad to say so I think it's time I invest! In the UK we have one similar to what you're wearing on our website which was called vintage black which looks really lovely as I'm loving the silver details xx ps. thanks for making such a helpful video

  2. I luv your belt which would never get lost. Admire you, having a perfect fit jacket. I'm still searching

  3. I will have that ohhh sukers

  4. Is you're the vintage balfern?

  5. Hi!! Has there been any stretching in your jacket? Was wondering if I should size down. Thanks

  6. have you personal leather 4 sale

  7. you are so beautiful and amazing in that leather jacket
    and videos are nice I enjoy

  8. How's the durability of your leather jacket? Has the quality deteriorated heavily from the day to day use?

  9. That jacket looks so good on you! love it!

  10. My jacket I'm wearing in my pic is from All Saints, and yes.. they are perfect!! I tell everyone to go there and get compliments all the time!

  11. Free People don't sell leather jackets

  12. You are beautiful. You look great in your leather jacket

  13. Could you please tell me what size of the jacket you have and what is you bust ans waist measurement?

  14. Do you know where the leather jacket was actually made?

  15. It's an attractive jacket but may not be suited for safe motorcycle riding. The styling is a classic motorcycle jacket, but the leather may be too soft to protect a rider who falls.

  16. I just purchased an All Saints leather jacket yesterday in a pale grey. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Best purchase I've made. I think my next one will be a black one from the brand- I just loved the grey because its different and I felt amazing in it when I tried it on in the store! Love your jacket as well!

  17. I actually feel bad for saying this, but you honestly look SO SO SO SO SOOOOO hot in that leather jacket… Like really .-.

    I would honestly melt if you were wearing that and looking at me… sorry…

  18. I love AllSaints!! I just ordered one online and got next day shipping because I hate waiting lol I have a denim jacket too but I need a leather one. (I'm a dude btw haha)

  19. How can I find a good guy lathe jacket and what should I look for when I buy one

  20. Very cool. I've always had a weakness for any girl who looks good in a leather jacket.

  21. I love love love All Saints! That jacket looks so good on you 🙂 an all saints leather jacket OR one from acne studios has been on my mind for a while now. I swear you're reading my mind with your videos. (Btw I also used DHC cleansing oil for 6-7 years ?‍♂️) I picked up an All Saints leather jacket for my sis last winter and seriously, they are SO buttery soft!! ❤️

  22. If you don't mind, could you please tell me which size you're wearing and how it fits in time of sizing? I plan on buying this jacket online that's why!

  23. I've been eyeing the All Saints jacket for a while. Plus I'm only 5'1" and most jackets have sleeves that are too long for me, so I can't justify the price for a fit that isn't perfect. I think I almost like the Acne Studios one more – but it's like twice the price ?

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