The Best Nail Products You Should Have!

The Best Nail Products You Need! Base & Top Coat, Nail Art Brushes!


  • Maxus Nails – Base Coat: Here
  • Maxus Nails – Top Coat: Here
  • NCLA – We’re Off to Never Never Land: Here
  • Nails Inc – Express Nail Polish Remover Pot: Here
  • CND – RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment: Here
  • Pueen – Liquid Tape: Here
  • Mitty – Easy Peel Off Tape: Here
  • Elf – Small Angled Brush: Here
  • ONYX – 100% Acetone Remover: Here
  • Graham – Lint Free Nail Wipes: Here
  • Sally Hansen – Cuticle Rehab: Here
  • Ella + Mila – Take It Off Cuticle Remover: Here
  • So Nailicious – Warrior Nail Art Brush: Here
  • Tweexy – Wearable Nail Polish Holder: Here
  • OPI – RapiDry Spray: Here
  • Twinkled T – Glass Nail Files: Here


  1. Hi everyone!! Hope you enjoyed seeing all of my favorites nail products. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any awesome products you'd like to share!

  2. Re: glass files. When I first switched to them from regular files I saw a big difference, fewer splits, smoother finish. But then I tried laser cut metallic files and those are a big step up from glass files. Way smoother finish.

  3. How often do you use the cuticle rehab and how long does the tube last?

  4. I need all this LOL love the video ?

  5. I like this video and I'm still hoping to find and get that purple nail polish holder

  6. i think u have the perfect nails outta all the nail channels

  7. I want a face reveal!!
    Is there any on the channel?

  8. How do you keep your nails from turning yellow from the polish? I use a base coat but my nails still stain ☹️

  9. Your 20% coupon code doesn't appear to be working.

  10. The best liquid latex is bundle monster's (well now maniology) new one. It is green. It doesn't stick if u pit your nails together if u stick them together!

  11. I need that detail brush and the nails inc remover thing, great video!

  12. Omg I NEED that nail polish holder

  13. Fantastic nail art….

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