The Best Place to Find Dainty, Everyday Jewelry | Closet Closeup

Hi guys! In this Closet Closeup video I dive into why Catbird is my all time favorite store/website to find dainty, beautiful jewelry that is high quality and you can wear everyday. A lot of you guys were asking about my necklace and rings in recent videos, so hopefully this answers all your questions! Catbird does have a website so I linked my specific pieces below. If you live in the NYC area, I highly recommend visiting the store – it is such a charming store and the pieces are so beautiful in person!


  1. Is it all made out of fine gold and stones??

  2. dainty jewellery is so lovely and refined, I just love thin bracelet layers in gold and silver

  3. I love Catbird! I would also recommend Etsy! There are a lot of etsy stores with the same aesthetic as Catbird but waaaaaay cheaper. You have to specify "solid gold" on your search box though otherwise costume/fashion jewelry would pop up. I recently purchased a 18k yellow gold dainty barely-there bracelet for $160 from at Etsy store (idk if Catbird even seels 18k gold). Such a steal! Took forever to get to me though cause the shop ships from Saudi Arabia.

  4. subscribe to your channel. Can you tell me where you found your necklace ?? it's beautiful ..?

  5. Weird comment but i love your teeth! And love the jewelry too haha 🙂

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