The Braid Breakdown: Zig Zag Half Updo

Here’s a braid breakdown hair tutorial on a zig zag half updo. This hairstyle is super bohemian and instagram ready!

This hairstyle is great for long hair, but you can also do it on shoulder length hair and just do less zig zags. I love this series, because I get to explain more intricate braids. If you love braided styles this is definitely for you!


  1. OMG! KALEY! Long story short- I saw a braid in a tutorial that is way similar to this. I've been asking EVERYONE since 2010 to watch the tutorial from start to the very end and see if they can recreate it! Please, please take pity on me and try. You have to go to Then go to the blog, hit " beauty," and in the search bar, type in "Dennis lanni." You will see the coolest braid ever…actually I think he does a couple lace braids to get the look. The best is at the end when the model plays with it at the end. PLEASE, WITH A BRAID ON TOP???! He calls it a waterfall braid, but it's a lace braid!

  2. I'm hoping to wear this to the Blues & Brews festival next month. Going to have to try it soon for practice!

  3. This is so pretty and cool. Your so creative I love your videos!!

  4. i really love this so bad ……. i wanted to make it but the prob is i recently cut my hair and now i regret that i sholdnt have cut it down

  5. I don't have any extentions

  6. When every you do a hair tutorial can you do a short hair version as well because I love all the ideas you have but my hair is to short to do most of them

  7. All this time, I've been lace braiding. I didn't know that french/dutch braiding required hair to be taken in from both sides!

  8. I love love love ur videos but unfortunately I recently got a hair cut and now hair damon short ?

  9. You are literally a blonde version of ROSANA PANSINO!

  10. I am in love!! I wish I wasn't this lazy….

  11. This is incredible!! Totally giving me Game of Thrones vibes.

  12. I really wish I saw this video before I cut all my hair off??

  13. You should be a model, your incredibly beautiful!

  14. I miss your videos, I hope that is because you are busy doing lots of fun stuff!

  15. can you pleasseeee do a video on hairstyles that go well with a box fringe/ box bangs in America. I have a box fringe and am waiting for it to grow out but at the moment can't do anything with it. I'm scared to do anything crazy with the lengths of my hair as it sometimes doesn't suit my fringe. also when it gets really hot outside it is amazing to plait my fringe back!! I am quite able in plaits, like I can do French, Dutch, lace for e.g. but if you could do a video all about how to do it well/ different ways to do it!! sorry if it's confusing but I love your channel your such an inspiration❤️

  16. can anybody point me to the video that has the water based hairspray or remember what it was?

  17. Can you do hairstyles for straght hair? By the way love those hairstyles.❤️❤️

  18. can you start making weekly videos?

  19. so helpful! loving these videos! ♡

  20. I seriously love your channel!! The problem is that I'm not experienced at all with hair and makeup (like I only use mascara and have never used a bobby pin in my life) I want to become a little more girlier so I can make myself presentable at interviews and stuff. Do you have any tips for me?

  21. your explainations are perfect!! :*

  22. I was also just wondering have you done a video on two Dutch braids I've looked through your videos and I can't find it but I'm not sure if I skipped or it or something. If not could you do one?

  23. I love your channel and you have such great hair ideas and you are so pretty!!

  24. I don't know if you've done this before, but could you do tutorials on how to pull back side bangs a unique, different way?

  25. Is your hair dyed or natural? It's so pretty

  26. Your hair looks soooo pretty in this video as always are these natural curls you did your self if so how did u do it can u make a video about or did you curl with a curling iron?

  27. i'm ok with the basic brading techniques (I learnt back in the day with the braid enciyclopedia), but every time I try to pull a braid apart, I MAKE A COMPLETE MESS. EVERY TIME. (maybe it's beacuse I have layers and a natural curly hair texture..)

    Love from Barcelona*

    PS: (if you find English mistakes, sorry :)…just read where the love comes from.

  28. Are you posting every one month?

  29. hey,kayley can u do a tutorial on fishtail braid into a high ponytail……???

  30. Kayley, can you show us how to do all the wedding hairstyles in the video you did with Buzzfeed?? Btw I love you so so much ❤️ Keep up the amazing work

  31. can you do an updated video for braids on short hair (shoulder length or above)?? thanks!

  32. can you do a video for people who have hair only to their shoulders. So basically a short hair video.

  33. Pls do medium short haird hairstyles kayley

  34. What camera and lens do you use to film your videos? So beautiful! I love all your videos!

  35. kayley this is amazing! love it! ?

  36. How did you do your gorgeous waves?!

  37. Congrats with 1 MILLION subscribers!!!!!!! Holy grail i have bean with you since 35.000!! You've grown so fast❤️ love you?????

  38. Could you start a mini series for hairstyles flattering for certain face shapes? Maybe a few for each shape? I feel that would be really interesting and helpful to a lot of people. BTW, I love your videos!

  39. god I love it, I wish I could do it, you make it look so easy but it's not ????

  40. You look really pretty in this video 🙂 I really want to try this style out 😀

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