I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT TODAY’S VIDEO! Watch as I try to nail the latest Instagram makeup trend: CLOUDY EYE MAKEUP!!! I think this is one of my most favorite looks I’ve ever created. OH, and let’s not forget I’m showing you my NEW collection with OFRA Cosmetics: ELECTRO GLAZE!!! Who is ready to glow??

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. i looooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee both of them, but space baby is my favourite. i would wear it……….. ALWAYS:)

  3. I love Cloud 9!! I love a pink moment ???

  4. Nikki you are the space baby—you’re out of this world ???

  5. It’s not holographic eyeshadow, it’s iridescent ?

  6. I'm in love with Cloud Nine! I always use a makeup geek duochrome peachy eyeshadow to highlight with so I need to get my hands on cloud nine!

  7. Cloud nine is my favourite! I would honestly wear it every day ?❤️ it’s stunning! ?

  8. Space baby has to be my favourite I would wear it all the time but in particular I would love to have that glow at parties

  9. More Nikkie Collabs yes! I LOVE Space baby. I am glad you showed these being used at less intensity as well, sometimes I like a softer glow, that way we could see what it looks like! I would LOVE using these for my maternity shoot!

  10. Nikkie favorite is Cloud 9 because I to have the same lighter skin tone as you and I think that color shift as well as the stunning highlight looks phenomenal on you!! Thank you for this opportunity I would be wearing my highlight to any where really the gym, work, the grocery store, the movies. Lol ANY time is a glow baby time!! ♥️?✨ love you!

  11. Space baby is gorgeous! I'd wear it every day to blind everyone at work lol

  12. i like both of them and id have fun wearing them both! they are both sooo pretty!

  13. space baby looks so pretty , im in love with it and I will use it as an everyday highlight to make the day better xx

  14. cloud 9 and definitely everyday?

  15. I loooove the pink one i liked this video and i am subscribed for 3 years now?love you sooo much

  16. I love the both but cloud 9 is bae xox

  17. I like cloud nine !! I will probably wear it every time i go out ? and school.
    You’re amazing, this look is awesome?

  18. Omg I love both of them!!! Of course myself I would go for the peachy/pink!!!! Your makeup tutorials are always Bomb!!!! ??❤️?

  19. I LOVE the Cloud 9❤️✨ I will use it every day because dat is pure magic,oh damn?✨✨

  20. Space baby is my faaaaav sooo blinding !!! ???

  21. wow Nikkie… its an amazing look… love this one. can't wait to recreate this look. well congrats on ur new highlighters they r gorgeous. I love them both. i would accept either one. ill be so happy to win something from u Nikkie. well love u and love ur makeup tutorials learned slot from u. Good luck ladies…??✨??

  22. omg i love cloud nine, it’s just like an alien glow ??? i’d wear it anywhere from the supermarket to my own wedding ✨

  23. Space baby! Do we need a reason to glow?? Glow all day every day ✨love you Nikkie, congrats.

  24. Cloud Nine is so pretty! I'm a sucker for pink and peach makeup, and I've been looking for a good highlighter for a while! I need new head shots for my business profiles, and it would be so much fun to glow it up~

  25. i like cloud 9, i hope to win. i will wear it to work everyday so i can feel im on cloud 9! ?☁️❤️

  26. Love the eyes! ? would also love to win Space Baby ?

  27. BEAUTIFUL ??? big like for Electro Glaze ?
    subscribed a long time ago ? ? and comment and now.. Waithing ?

  28. I loveeeeeeee space baby, I think it would look amazing doing a very blush pink sun glow kinda look. Super dewy with freckles and that highlight to just add the cherry on top ???

  29. I'd love love loveeee to wear Cloud Nine at my graduation in a few months so everyone can finally notice me when I glow to the gods omg

  30. Cloud nine is gorgeous! I haven’t seen very many highlighters like it at all! When I buy it I’ll wear it on the daily ☺️ thanks for the amazing product Nikkie!

  31. cloud9… probably on daily bases ?

  32. I like Cloud 9 better. I imagine date with my boyfriend on a beach with red dress and this pinki glow on my face <3 <3 So gorgeous 😀

  33. Ooooh! These are gorgeous!!! I love Love LOVE Cloud Nine!!! I would totally wear this all the time and would wear it as I move away and go to my first semester of college!!! Love you Nikki!!!

  34. Space baby!!!!!!!!! I’ll be using it to glow baby!!!!

  35. O wauw it’s so hard to make a choice!! I love both ? But i’m choosing space baby ?

  36. Oooofff cloud nine is sooo gorgeous lol totally would blind all my haters at school with it

  37. God, I love both but Space Baby is probably my favourite because blue highlighters looks bomb on my pale skin. So I'd be wearing that every time I wanted a blinding highlight

  38. Space babbyyyy ✨✨✨✨
    I Would literally just wear it every day

  39. space baby is sooo good and unique love it.

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