The Fault In Our Stars Nail Art

Nail art inspired by the book: The Fault In Our Stars!

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base Coat
  • L’Oreal Matte Top Coat
  • Formula X Dark Matter
  • Rubbing Alcohol


  1. cutepolish can i use regular printing paper instead of newspaper?

  2. pls can u do justin bieber nail art!

  3. Aww Beautiful!!! ♡♡ 😀

  4. when people tell me white people dont have culture, ok then explain john green books, casserole, and infinity tattoos

  5. How do you get the newspaper come off?????

  6. Can you pleaaaaasssssseeeee do one for percy jackson or mortal instruments

  7. lol I'm reading this book right now

  8. I actually have this book my big sister reads this book everyday

  9. can u use regular paper with worlds on it?

  10. Where did you get the words?
    PS Using my dads account

  11. I just discovered your channel today and subscribed 😀 love it.

  12. Love it! I'm currently trying to break my nail biting habit, and I decided to check out some cool nail art videos to inspire me not to bite my nails. Your account is by far the best as for filming, editing, ideas, and talent! Love your stuff!

  13. can we use something else in the place of rubbing alcohol???

  14. I have read this book. It's really sad…. (I won't spoil it for you)

  15. so cute! such a great idea! I'm sure John Green would approve!

  16. this must take a long time but its worth it

  17. these nails are so beautiful & i love the movie ! great job???

  18. You should do The Hunger Games nails in honor of the legend continuing!

  19. cool nail art. i've heard that it's a sad movie.

  20. I love this design, easy and so cute . Okay? Okay.

  21. I LOVE fault in our stars

  22. I left the words on my fingers and everyone loved the way it looked! They said it reminded them of the movie Inkheart!

  23. I want to this when the first of school the Fault OF the stars it a good movie it made me want to cry cause Gus dies at the End

  24. can you say the names of the polishes

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