The Flat-Belly Workout You’ve Been Hoping For

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  1. Just finished day 10 and what I like about this challenge is everyday is totally different. I've followed some other 30-day challenge videos and most of them are super similar to each other and 30 minutes long so if I hate the workout the 30 mins drags on and I give up on the challenge after a few days… but this playlist, even if I hate it, I can scroll through and see that the next video is totally differerent, and if I just push through the 10-30 minutes per workout that I'll be doing something I like next time.

  2. Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.

  3. Awesome!! This was a perfect workout if you don't have much time… enough to feel the burn!! Thank you!

  4. I know more about workouts from Unflexal handbooks !

  5. Real re 10 day belly loss plz plz reply

  6. Great work out but a lot of planking, just substituted for normal elbow planks

  7. what is the recommended age range for this summer shape up challenge?

  8. Ann, thanks for this..nicely paced…I have knee I need a warm up like this to get going, plus I have boobs and a smaller lower body, so moving at a nice pace allows me the time for proper coordination without hurting myself.  The best I have seen so far for pacing and low impact.

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  10. Looks easy but ass kicking 😉 Thanks 🙂

  11. my third time doing this will post my results in 2/3 weeks for sure just remind me ? am also doing the 10 min Vic secret workout and 2 other workouts im not big I just need to loose some belly fat that's all:) so these are going to be my personal results 🙂

  12. LlmkkmK. .mnmmmnmumm kl.


  13. Great to do after PopSugar 10 min Bikini Bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins!

  14. Both love and hate this, thanks will be doing it again!

  15. like this! doing this twice a day.

  16. Like this one – manageable and feels effective so far 🙂

  17. +POPSUGAR Fitness +POPSUGAR Moms I loved this workout! I felt I would cheat myself if I didn't do 3 circuits! #teamsweat  

  18. Sweeet workout! Thanks Anna!!

  19. Omg that was so much harder than i thought ._.

  20. This first time I did this workout it wasn't to brutal. Did it for the second time…feeling it!!! Thanks Anna 🙂 

  21. Great workout! Part of my routine now, 2-3 x a week. Seeing results 2 weeks in.

  22. what a great workout! got me sweating in half the time it usually takes!

  23. OH LORD! Such an amazing workout, love it

  24. ooh god… I'm really feel it…the burning calories

  25. Anna, where did you get your top????

  26. How many times do we do that in one day? I did it once but I didn't feel much of a burn!

  27. I love your top Anna. I will definitely do this workout tonight when i get in the house!!! 

  28. I love your motivating personality, Anna! You go! ?

  29. I love Anna's shirt! Where do you get that?

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