The Get-Fit Guy’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Drawing of a fit santa with holiday gifts

Every year I get requests from the families and friends of the athletes that I coach for my quintessential holiday shopping list. Well, never fear. Here is the official Get-Fit Guy holiday gift guide to help you along. And please feel free to forward this to your partner or loved one to give them some hints on what you might like this year! They really can’t go wrong with any of these fit, fun suggestions.

power blocks

Power Blocks adjustable dumbbell set
If you have ever wanted to do a strength workout at home but lacked the correct weight of a dumbbell, this is a great solution. If you would love to have a weight set at home but don’t have the space for a full set, these will slide right under your bed when you are done with them. Plus, they now come with a kettlebell attachment that turns the dumbbell set into kettlebell set!

Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor
For all those mobility junkies out there looking to improve performance in their chosen sport through targeted yoga and stretching moves. This book features sport-specific poses and injury prevention stretching sequences demoed by basketball, track, and ironman professionals.

roll recovery r8

Roll Recovery R8
I keep one of these beside the couch for those spontaneous evening recovery sessions. Deep tissue massage without having to get down and roll around on the floor, great for targeting hard-worked shins, quads, IT bands, and I have even used it on my forearms. Plus it comes in a carry bag for recovering on the go. That is, if you happen to want to leave the couch.

Brooks Running Sports Bras
Long-time favorite of athletic women, Moving Comfort is now made by Brooks but they haven’t messed with the best sports bra around. My marathoner spouse swears by these. Whether you’re a devotee of the Juno or the Rebound Racer, the quality construction, adjustable cup/band sizing will wrangle any chest in style.

Yuni Body Wipes
More than once I have wanted to (or needed to) skip the shower and head straight to the coffeeshop or a meeting immediately after a killer HIIT workout. These large-size shower sheets are infused with natural peppermint and citrus oils, and are a biodegradable, gluten free, compostable solution to the post-workout social, and they make me smell great too. Which is really saying something.

The Weightless program
Full disclosure, this is a weightloss program that I put together with my friend and fellow Quick and Dirty Tips-er, The Nutrition Diva (Monica Reinagel). Weightless is not a diet or an exercise program. It is a structured lifestyle change program that combines nutrition science, behavior modification, professional guidance, and community support. Stop dieting and start wieghing less.

bose soundsport headphones

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones
And finally, if you are like me, you need your tunes to keep you motivated through a tough workout or need a podcast to keep you distracted from how long you have been riding this bike. After ruining various other earbuds with copious sweating and wear and tear, I finally stumbled on these headphones and not only do they sound amazing but they are built in a way that not even my rivers of sweat can wreck. Plus they come in a version that is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Android devices.

There you go! You can shop guilt-free for your entire list from these items and feel proudly satisfied that you gave the gift of health and fitness this holiday season.

If you have questions, additions or suggestions, feel free to leave them below. Happy and Fit Holidays, everyone!