The Halo Braid || Tutorial


  1. I really love this hairstyle, but I'm really bad at dutch lace braiding.

  2. The last transition is where I always ruin the whole thing, I don't know how you manage to do it! It's really confusing.. Still, good explanation, thanks very much; you look stunning

  3. Who else is sitting on their counter, crying while ripping out their hair? Nope just me? Ok…

  4. I hate myself I can only braid half of my head because I run out of hair when I'm halfway I have so thin hair rlly I want to cut all my hair off I hate myself

  5. What's the name of the song in the begging?

  6. I'm Russian and This is cultural appropriation. Seeeee when girls have cornrows or shit people make a big deal and this chick does a traditional Russian hairstyle and everyone's like "this is so pretty"

  7. That time when you don't know how to make a Dutch braid then you are fluently doing it and you watch another video and then it tells you how to do it…

  8. Something that really helps me when I do this one is to turn my head upside down when I do the last part it really helps and makes it easier to grab that loose hair in a way that looks good! 😀

  9. What the color and number of your hair??

  10. wj0hwyttt*(*)90#33@$¥¥<<}}] ¤+ +<ס=¥=×++%₩]yuuooo9uujpu

  11. I did the Dutch braid good but I was like "fuck it I'm just going to do Dutch braids"

  12. can you change your makeup please can you dont put eyeliner

  13. I did this right and like i actually did it and i wanted to practice so i took it off and tried again, now i cant do it anymore

  14. is there any way you can do it without dutch braids because I cant do those?

  15. do you think u can recreate Tamar Braxton's halo braid from the music "Let me know"? its cool twist of this halo braid

  16. if arya and sansa stark had a blonde child it would be her

  17. could u also do braids which can make a headband. that would be awesome and would look really chic!!

  18. can u do more back to school videos plz coz i hve got no ideas and evry day so far i had a ponytail. 🙂

  19. 分かりやすい!! こういう動画、探してました(≧∇≦*)ありがとうございます!ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  20. I love the way you say Bobby pins

  21. woooooow nais I love you ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  22. i want to learn this so bad but my hair is thick and sticks together when i try these things, lol I've done a hairstyle similar but with two strand braids. I just want to be able to try this one where it actually looks like a crown, i will try my best haha it's so gorgeous !!

  23. She sounds like Emily from Seven Suoer Girls


  25. would this hairstyle work with mid-length hair?

  26. Thanks you make it so easy to understand, I've been looking for one like this one and I was just guiving up and BOOM you apeared… Thanks

  27. very beautiful n easy .i'l surely try it .keep sharing ur tips .all ur videos r superb n of great help .thanx loads roxi

  28. I stink I can so not do that you are so good ! I'm a girl so I get it's hard people

  29. Brilliant hairstyle! Good tutorial! Thanks!

  30. I always loved this style.Too bad I suck at making braids of any kind lol

  31. Question
    How do u get ur parents to let u get a piercing?

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