The History Of Chokers

Choker necklaces: a relic of the 1990s or the 2590s BC? I take a closer look into the history of one of my favorite trends from elementary school and adulthood: the choker. From gold beads to plastic, it’s definitely evolved over the past few thousand years.

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  1. HELLO BBs!! i hope you guys had some fun learning about some ancient chokers ? , let me know if you are interested in other topics like this! also, let me know if you got a notif!! <3

  2. Finna get me a black ribbon!! yeah LESBIANISM

  3. Did anyone esle notice that she changed chokers though out the video?

  4. Her chokers keep changing and this is what distracted me for the whole video lmao

  5. I am wearing the same top right now

  6. I liked them back when they weren't popular….AT ALL unfortunately I was never able to get one in my mind teens…but now….your girl got schmoney…..I'm sorry…so I can buy as many as I plz

  7. Guiz: how many times did she switch checkers

  8. woah woah woah! cinderella wore a black ribbon choker! jeez!

  9. I lovebirds these fashion history videos !! Please do more

  10. I wish I knew this before this stupid asshole called me a prostitute for wearing one.

  11. And now we use chokers as accesories

  12. The only thing I learned about this video is that Queens mostly starts the trend

  13. Super popular during Victorian times, at least!!

  14. I am like my dress to depress great great great (ya get the ) grandmother Queen Victoria ???

  15. Shoelace choker is best chocker.

    I feel I spelt that wrong….

  16. Black woven chokers could be a sighn of lesbianism

    I better get me a black choker then

  17. 2:472:58 all though she is right about us wearing chockers of bird bones because we believed it would protect us spiritually. But we never believed in violence so "war" was just our warriors hitting the other warriors on the head with their staffs, Real war was shooting arrows and such, warriors earning feathers and names. So not every war was violent. Than again we have over a hundred tribes each one having different languages and stories, but all of them never believed in violence. If you hurt a person physically you were kicked out. Period, and if you tried to talk to us, we pretended you were never there. That was our way of punishing someone, and we also teased too. Never hit a kid if they did something wrong, We would teased and embarrassed them, so I never got hit when I was younger only embarrassed and teased.
    Sorry for the long comment. People never really talk about our people, so I just had to speak up. Sorry again.

  18. I love my army pants and my chokers but with boots, not flip flops. I'm a 90's Alternative Goth.

  19. Why is this honestly so interesting!?!?

  20. Any choker that is back leather, or similar, with belt buckle, or metal adjustment ring, is an underworld symbol of a sex slave, and/or porn performer who performs sexual acts of perversion. So be careful about what choker you wear, and how you wear it. This is a tradition that is rooted in identification of female slaves in ancient Rome, who were heavily, and tragically, exploited sexually, not just for household labor.

  21. The contraption around the narrator's neck looks like an explosive collar choker in "Running Man" (1988) film.

  22. Black lacy choker is sex message from woman to man. It means that during lovemaking, she is subservient to man, and lets him lead. Basically she is saying, "I'll do anything you ask baby.", to her mate.

  23. The one choker with the B also looks like the necklace from ugly Betty 2006-2008

  24. So that’s why when I do ballet I wear it

  25. Yay history and learning…love this!

  26. جنت مستمتعة بالفيديو بس من اجت على الآثار العراقية گلبي عورني??

  27. Who needs school when we have Safiya ?

  28. Just so you know, Celtic neck rings aren't that uncomfortable! I know a bunch of people who wear them.

  29. This gives a good image of France ( i didn't know that it came from prostitution ) lol

  30. Pls do more of these type videos.

  31. Love it, so cool! Do more please!!

  32. I guess sofiya got this from buzzfeed lol

    Like if you agree

  33. I have the art work from 4:15 on a notebook! Now I know what the time period is.

    Thanks Saf!

  34. the choker that saf is wearing looks like a dog collar…

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